REVEALED-Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype!

Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype – Overview

Yamaha debuted the TY-E electric trials bike four years ago at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

However, the TY-E wasn’t meant to touch showroom floors but rather to compete in the FIM Trial-E Cup Championship, the FIM Trial World Championship’s previous electric-only division.

The bike finished a solid second overall with Japan’s Trial Championship factory rider Kenichi Kuroyama at the controls.

Kuroyama followed up with a second-place performance at the 2019 championship.

The TY-E did not compete in the Trial-E Cup in 2020 or 2021 but will return in 2022 with new revisions to compete in Trial competition in a global arena.

Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype
Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype

Kuroyama, who placed third overall in the Trial World Championship Series in 1997 and 1998, will pilot the bike once more, competing in select rounds on the TY-E 2.0, a redesigned battery-powered motorbike.

The Trial-E Cup will not be held in 2022. Instead, electric motorcycles will fight against two- and four-stroke motorcycles for the first time.

Kuroyama will assist with the further development of the TY-E 2.0 version, which is a prototype.

Although Yamaha hasn’t confirmed any plans beyond the racing effort, it has stated that the TY-E will assist the OEM in achieving “carbon neutrality from the standpoint of motorcycle fun.

” Yamaha’s goal of “aiming for carbon neutrality” throughout all corporate activities by 2050 includes the bike.

However, similar in 2018, Yamaha has not stated whether or not this bike will be available for purchase. However, given the present state of research and the Japanese manufacturer’s commitment to carbon neutrality, this bike could someday see the showrooms.

“The endeavor to build the TY-E 2.0 is underway as one distinctly Yamaha method to attaining carbon neutrality,” Yamaha Motor announced in a global news release.

Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype
Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype

The TY-E 2.0 intends to give more fun than internal combustion engines by utilizing characteristics unique to electric cars, such as powerful low-down torque and quick acceleration, as part of its FUN x EV development philosophy.”

This electric trials bike, which has a hydraulic clutch, is powered by a new lightweight lithium-ion battery with a higher output and capacity than the original TY-E and is 20% lighter.

This contributes to the TY-E 2.0’s overall curb weight of 154.3 pounds.

The monocoque frame is also brand new, and it’s made of composite laminates to help achieve the goal of minimal weight and precise handling.

Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype
Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Prototype

Over the TY-E 1.0, the battery and powertrain were upgraded to decrease the center of gravity.

“Traction more advanced by combining mechanical parts like the clutch and flywheel with precisely calibrated electrical management for the motor that can recognize minor changes in grip,” Yamaha added.

The installation of a Tech fork and Dunlop D803GP tires is visible in press photographs.

Yamaha appears committed to winning more victories and podiums in the Hertz FIM Trial World Championship, which kicks from June 10–12 at L’Hospitalet de l’Infant in Spain.

So the only question today is whether the TY-E will be accessible for backyard pleasure in silence.

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