2021 Yamaha MT-09- Tough & Powerful Beast!

Yamaha MT 09- Overview

Yamaha MT Series is one of the most searches and liked series in Nepal among motorcycles categories.

If we talk about its international craze, in the USA alone, Yamaha Motor Corporation had sold 24000 MT09 units in its introduction period back in 2014.

In today’s motorcycle world, where some most popular motorbikes in the world sell less than 1,000 units each year in the US market, the 09 is a huge success.

The MT-09’s previous success, according to Yamaha USA Product Planner Aaron Bast, can be attributed to three factors: MT09 Torque, quickness, and worth.

It is, without a doubt, one of Yamaha’s most popular models, with steady sales.

The all-new 2021 Yamaha MT09 comes with more Torque, faster with more value even if it is only slightly less than a complete overhaul.

The 2021 MT09 has a three-cylinder engine based on its previous 874 cc engine, but let’s not judge too fast because this new Yamaha MT09 comes with more modern parts than its older generation.

Even though they wish to boost performance, Yamaha, like all other manufacturers, must meet demanding Euro 5 emission requirements with the new bike.

Here, the engineer built this bike with a modern crankshaft which is of 3 mm longer stroke. It helped to increase the displacement to 890 cc. Why? Because fewer emissions usually give out less power.

Also, the latest concave tops with a new forged piston support the 11:5:1 compression ratio of the outgoing 847 cc engine.

The 2021 Yamaha MT09 has a total displacement of 890cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder; 4 valves per cylinder.

The engine can produce a max power of 119 PS @ 10000 rpm and a max torque of 93 Nm @ 7000 rpm.

It is mated with 6-speed manual gearbox transmission. The Yamaha MT09 mileage is 19 kmpl.

Yamaha MT 09
Yamaha MT 09

The top speed of Yamaha MT09 is 234 kpmh.

However, the newly built crank is 15 % more passive, making its engine response a little slow, but it has improved perceived smoothness.

To manage the deck height of the bike even with the longer stroke, the connecting rods are now 1.5 mm shorter than the earlier model.

The manufacturer gave this bike a new cylinder head for its performance and emissions. They also took out 12% fewer coolant amounts, which helped the engine to warm up faster.

Most hydrocarbon emissions occur while a machine is warming up, when the fuel mixture is rich and the exhaust-catalyst is not warm.

The latest redesigned cooling passages surround every exhaust valve seat for the motorcycle’s more agile performance, removing the potential hot spot between the valves.

In addition, the injectors were moved and targeted to strike the backs of the intake valves, and the intake ports were modified with less volume for faster flow.

The new cooling completely encircles each exhaust valve seat for better performance, eliminating the potential hot spot between the valves.

In addition, intake ports were redesigned with reduced volume for faster flow, and the injectors were repositioned and re-aimed to hit the backs of the intake valve.

As a result, shorter timing and shorter overlap prioritize emissions and Torque above top-end performance. Still, the engineers designed the cams noticeably steeper ramps, ensuring a relatively high curtain area under the entire lift curve.

Thanks to their newer camshafts with 30 percent less overlap, there is now just a 20-degree interval during which the intake and exhaust valves are open simultaneously.

Because the new ramps are so steep, the entire cam drive had to be modified, including a broader and stronger cam chain, as well as an oil-pressure-powered cam-chain tensioner.

When the bike’s engine is spinning quickly, the tensioner in the motorcycle gives more tension. Hence, there will be a drag at the lower rpm when the cam chain is probably bashed around.

According to the manufacturer, the enlarged displacement and improved engine tuning will enhance Torque by 6% while also extending the torque band. Also, the new model is believed to have improved fuel mileage by 11% over the previous model.

Talking about more feaures, this bike uses the same double-acting slipper clutch (Ramp style) used on the Yamaha YZF-R1.

It supports acceleration rigidness and releases on the back toque, permitting lower clutch effort and lighter springs.

Now the 1st and 2nd gear ratios are improved by almost 3%. This is because crank and inertia are also now increased.

The total weight combined of exhaust and engine is now 1.72 kgs less than the previous model MT09. 2021 MT09 has been built clean and sleek.

Yamaha MT 09
2021 Yamaha MT-09- Tough & Powerful Beast! 6

The design and construction of this motorcycle stands out from other motorcycles. You will not find any marks of welds in the MT09 frame. The frame used in the 2021 model is entirely new.

Like Ducati’s Panigale V-Twin crankcases which uses the two frames halve made high pressure die casting process, and from highly vacuumed, it can produce higher strength parts than regular HP die casting.

The frame used in this motorcycle looks excellent and is also less expensive. This is the reason why Yamaha MT09’s cost attracts lots of customers.

In the 2021 model, most of the details have been rendered. Talking about its steering head tube, it is decreased by 30 mm. The lateral stiffness in MT09 is progressed by 50%.

It helps to lower adjust leverage from the fork. It also permits a straighter side bean design.

2021 MT09 comes with a newer welded box-section style which is now 0.6 pounds lighter. However, this time is included 2-piece bolt-together die-cast aluminium which substitutes previous welded steel part. Hence making it 3.3 pounds lighter.

There is almost 11% less rotary inertia making the steering lighter while improving the bike’s acceleration.

Moving towards the section of the wheel, it has now more lightweight wheels. The rim part of the cast wheels spin-formed with the roller & heat casting to high strength material, which permit thinner section.

Another exciting thing about the 2021 MT09 is that it comes fitted with a better arrangement of the latest electronic riding system. These electronics aids are straightly taken from those of the R1 superbike.

Yamaha MT 09
Yamaha MT 09

Incorporated 6-axis IMU AKA Inertial Measurement Unit determines and locates what bike is exactly doing in the 3d areas.

Hence it permits lift control, slide control system and difficult traction control to be implemented by the MT09’s ECU.

And this is only possible by the latest electronic ride by wire throttle system, which permits the control system to act on different levels like Throttle, Spark and Fuel based on its requirements.

The main work of the IMU is to send data to the ABS, which helps the rider to act accordingly.

MT09 comes with the shift sensor with a quick-shifting mechanism that allows downshift or clutch-less up. The rider has an option to turn this system if necessary.

Yamaha mt 09
2021 Yamaha MT-09- Tough & Powerful Beast! 7

Riders now can choose from 4 different throttle maps and 3 different levels of specifically given control systems while it is supported by a dedicated handlebars buttons and the latest full color TFT displace on the bike.

Rider can also have an option to disabling anyone them or all of them at the same time.

Yamaha MT 09
2021 Yamaha MT-09- Tough & Powerful Beast! 8

One of the most talked-about features is the bike’s newly compact dual-beam LED Headlight. The headlight is powerful and has a well explained light pattern supported by dual lends in series projector style and various LED’s.

When you sit on the bike, you’ll get the same feelings as the previous model. A similar sporty street design needs a few forward lean and pegs integrated right under. But, it’s lighter, and the company also reported a 213 kg wet-ready to ride total tank weight.

MT09 has a 3-cylinder engine which is now more refined with a precision of throttle and to the fueling, which was never presented on its predecessor.

Looking at the throttle maps, both these 1 and 2 are very similar to each other. However, two, on the other hand, is on the softer side.

Two can be used for an everyday ride, while Maps 3 and 4 are for rain and steady rides, among which most of the riders won’t even use it.

The MT-09 is still a wheelie monster, thanks to its low gearing, lightweight, and Torque, but it’s now regulated by the lift control rather than less-than-perfect right-hand discipline.

The suspension system on this bike is top-notch. It’s in the midsection between the sportiness, muscularity and comfort while leaning slightly towards the former.

The handling of this motorcycle is superb. It is now even refined than ever. We can ride this machine on the side of the hills, do off-roading, or on turn-well very comfortably with a more solid experience it delivers.

The bike is built to stay controlled when riding on bumpy roads or even when passing through mid-corner uneven terrains.

In addition, the company reported that the SP version of MT09 will be launched with a more advanced Ohlin rear damper and KYV fork. This version will be even sportier.

The brakes on this bike are impressive. They are powerful and smooth at the same time.

In Nepal, the official launch of 2021 Yamaha MT 09 has not been announced yet. The previous version 2020 Yamaha MT 09 price in Nepal is Rs. 35 lakhs. It can be said that 2021 Yamaha MT 09 price in Nepal can be bit higher than the previous model.


Here are the key specifications of the 2021 Yamaha MT9:

  • Displacement: 890 cc
  • Engine type: liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder; 4 valves per cylinder.
  • Maximum Power: 119 PS @ 10000 rpm.
  • Maximum Torque: 93 Nm @ 7000 rpm.
  • Gear Box: 6-speed manual gearbox transmission.
  • Top-Speed: 234 kmph.
  • Mileage: 19 kmpl.Valve Per Cylinder: 4.
  • Drive Type: Chain Drive.
  • Starting: Self Start Only.
  • Fuel Supply: Fuel Injection.
  • Clutch: Refined A&S clutch.
  • Transmission: Manual.
  • Emission Type: bs6.
  • ABS: Dual Channel.
  • Speedometer: Digital.
  • Tachometer: Digital.
  • Tripmeter: Digital.
  • Fuel Gauge: Digital.
  • Console: Digital.
  • Quick Shifter: Yes.
  • Additional Features: D-MODE switchable engine running modes, TCS, SCS.
  • Display: 3.5-in Body.
  • Type: Sports Naked Bike.
  • Front Suspension: Fully adjustable KYB 41mm USD forks.
  • Rear Suspension: Adjustable KYB rear shock with revised settings ch TFT, Brake Control system.
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