Volvo Cars are putting new wireless charging technologies to the test.

Volvo Wireless Charging – Overivew

Volvo Cars, a Swedish automaker, has stated that it tests wireless electric vehicle charging technology in a real-world situation.

The stations in Gothenburg, Sweden, will enable wireless charging for Volvo XC40 Recharge EVs driven by ‘Cabonline,’ a taxi company, over the next three years.

Volvo Cars Corp., situated in Torslanda, Sweden, is a global automobile manufacturer owned by the Geely Holding Group of China.

volvo wireless charger
Volvo wireless charger

In recent years, Volvo has made significant progress toward electrification and carbon neutrality across all of its brands and manufacturing processes, vowing to be a fully electric brand by 2030.

Volvo Cars have begun putting in place the necessary manufacturing infrastructure to fulfil these electrification ambitions, announcing plans to develop a 50 GWh battery factory in Torslanda for SEK 30 billion ($3.28 billion) with the help of battery cell company Northvolt.

Volvo stated earlier this month that it would invest an additional SEK 10 billion ($1.09 billion) in its Torslanda manufacturing plant to accommodate modern manufacturing methods such as huge aluminium body part casting and a new battery assembly facility.

These new facilities will build future Volvo EVs and current EVs on the market, such as the XC40 Recharge, utilized in Volvo’s wireless charging experiments.

Is wireless charging a viable option? Volvo is on the lookout for answers.

volvo wireless charger
Volvo wireless charger

As part of Gothenburg’s Green City Zone concept, Cabonline will operate a small fleet of XC40 Recharge EVs and test wireless charging methods.

This multi-project program leverages city regions as living testbeds to develop sustainable technology. Mats Moberg, Volvo Cars’ Head of Research and Development, elaborated:

The Gothenburg Green City Zone is permitted to try out novel technologies in a real-world situation and evaluate them over time to see if they have a chance of becoming more widely adopted in the future. For example, testing new charging methods with a small group of people is a great way to evaluate different charging options for our future automobiles.

Momentum Dynamics, a builder of wireless electric charging solutions we previously reported on, provided the charging stations for this testing program in partnership with companies like GreenPower Motor Co.

Wireless charging occurs when an electric vehicle (EV) parks on a charging pad buried in the road. Below, the charging station transmits electricity through the charging pad, detected by an electric vehicle’s receiver unit.

volvo wireless charger
Volvo wireless charger

According to Volvo, the wireless chargers for the Volvo XC40 Recharge EVs deliver over 40 kW of power, roughly four times faster than a wired 11 kW AC charger and close to a wired 50 kW DC rapid charger.

Being a part of the wireless charging trial, the Volvo-branded cabs will run for 12 hours a day, covering 100,000 kilometres (62,100 miles) every year.

As a result, Volvo Cars will use this program to test the durability of its electric vehicles in a commercial context for the first time.

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volvo wireless charger
  1. […] ALSO, READ| Volvo Cars Are Putting New Wireless Charging Technologies To The Test […]

  2. […] ALSO, READ| Volvo Cars Are Putting New Wireless Charging Technologies To The Test […]

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