Upcoming 2023 Volvo’s Ride Pilot- A Self Driving Car!

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

Volvo is preparing for its next generation of electric vehicles with a few notable debuts: a new electric SUV on the way, a new highway-only self-driving technology dubbed Ride Pilot that will be included in the new vehicle, and a new subscription service that will allow drivers to utilize Ride Pilot.

The Swedish automaker Volvo announced its plans to test its driverless Ride Pilot technology.

They are currently testing its self-driving technology on Swedish highways, with plans to try Ride Pilot in California later this year. The manufacturer also aims to deploy Ride Pilot for its customers in California.

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

Volvo stated that the futuristic technology test would be “unsupervised,” implying that there would be no qualified driver behind the wheel. As a result, it is the world’s first fully autonomous self-driving car test.

Volvo’s fully electric SUV, set to be released in 2023, features a Luminar LiDAR sensor and 5-radars, 8-cameras, and 16 ultrasonic sensors to ensure no road hazards are missed.

According to R&D Head of Volvo, Mr Mats Moberg, “Company is pleased to announce the planned US introduction of our first unsupervised autonomous driving feature, as we want to build up an industry standard for autonomy without compromising safety”.

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

It’s a game-changer for Volvo Cars and automotive safety and self-driving technology.

To construct Ride Pilot and arrange the audacious testing, the carmaker worked with road safety tech firm Zenseact and artificial intelligence experts at Luminar.

Volvo’s self-driving technology, known as Ride Pilot, combines a user interface with under-the-hood gear to enable autonomous travel.

“Ride Pilot intends to free up more time for consumers and make driving a Volvo even more convenient and pleasurable,” according to the firm.

The company also reported that the Ride Pilot would be completely self-driving once remotely installed software updates.

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

Volvo intends to launch Ride Pilot in California first, following a global rollout.

“Ride Pilot will only be offered to consumers once it has passed Volvo Cars’ stringent verification and testing protocol,” the company noted.

In the shape of Tesla’s Autopilot and other vehicles’ parking assist features, self-driving technology has already made its way into British cars.

Volvo’s intentions, on the other hand, are far more impressive. Volvo’s announcement hints that its driverless technology would replace all aspects of driving rather than using self-driving components to supplement the traditional driving experience.

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

It’s unclear how the new technology would affect car insurance costs for drivers.

“Driver assistance technology has already committed to attempting to lessen the cause of automobile accidents.”

As a result, self-driving technology will almost certainly result in a higher reduction in human error accidents, lessening the risk drivers provide to insurers.

“Now that less danger is involved, insurance firms will consider how rates are charged with such cars.”

Volvo will show off more than just a new model when it reveals an electrified SUV later this year. Instead, the new flagship will incorporate three crucial elements starting with the car itself.

The other two options are Ride Pilot, a new unsupervised autonomous driving feature, and a subscription service that permits self-driving technology to be employed.

When Ride Pilot launches, it will be available in California first, before being “gradually” expanded to other regions and areas.

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

However, Volvo must complete several procedures before making Ride Pilot available to drivers.

First and foremost, the firm must reveal the new electric SUV, which is expected to be released later this year.

Second, Volvo must ensure that Ride Pilot’s autonomous driving system performs as expected on American roadways.

Third, and probably most controversially, Volvo must persuade buyers of the new SUV to pay a monthly fee for Ride Pilot to function.

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

Volvo has not stated how much a membership to Ride Pilot would cost. However, the business released this week gives a hint about how Volvo hopes to make its sales pitch:

“Ride Pilot seeks to free up more time for customers and make driving a Volvo even more convenient and pleasant.” To put it another way, you may expect to hear arguments urging you to spend money to avoid wasting time driving your automobile.

Mentioning how much time drivers waste behind the wheel is not a message automakers have been eager to push in the past. Still, some advertising pitches will likely shift as the industry transitions to an electric, autonomous future.

Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot

Another quote from Volvo’s press release: “Drivers can use Ride Pilot to free up time while driving and spend it on other activities such as reading, writing, working, or socializing.

By decreasing the mental strain of driving, especially in traffic jams or heavy traffic, the function can also assist drivers in arriving at their destination refreshed and recharged.”

Based on Volvo’s early information, Ride Pilot appears to be an advanced version of self-driving systems like GM’s Super Cruise. However, at least first, the car will be limited to use on highways.

Another point that has yet to be resolved is how the difference will be determined. Nonetheless, travel experts predict that self-driving cars will be as popular as taxis in two years.

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Volvo Self Driving Ride Pilot
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