Volta has announced the addition of two smaller models: a 7.5-ton and a 12-ton EV Trucks.

Volata Zero Electric Trucks – Overview

Volta is expanding its Zero electric delivery truck lineup with the addition of 7.5-ton and 12-ton variants.

Both solutions attempt to make it easier for drivers to manage these commercial vehicles in more densely populated urban areas.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Volta has announced the addition of two smaller battery-electric delivery trucks to its lineup: a 7.5-ton and a 12-ton model.
  • In 2025, construction of the new, smaller Volta Zero trucks is expected to begin.
  • Volta has raised $316 million in finance and plans to begin testing its first model, a 16-ton delivery vehicle, with clients later this year.

Design & Aesthetic

Volata Zero Electric Trucks
Volata Zero Electric Trucks

The first Zero truck was designed to bring the driver’s perspective closer to street level with an eyesight level of around six feet.

In addition, Volta equips its Zero trucks with cameras in place of side mirrors to let the driver see the road around them even better, while the glass-heavy cab provides a front field of view of 220 degrees.

The lack of a third axle is arguably the most visible difference between these smaller Zero trucks and their bigger counterparts.

According to Volta, the new 7.5- and 12-ton trucks have a “close but evolutionary visual relationship” with Volta’s larger 16- and 18-ton trucks.

The smaller Volta Zero EVs, like those electric vehicles, has airy, glasshouse-style cabs and a lower seating position than equivalent trucks with internal combustion engines.

Battery Power, Capacity & Range

Volata Zero Electric Trucks
Volata Zero Electric Trucks

With these additions, Volta now has four models in its Zero series, all of which are geared for urban freight movement.

The original model is a 16-ton truck that employs either a standard 150 kWh or a high-capacity or 225 kWh battery pack to attain a manufacturer-estimated driving range of 90 or 125 miles, respectively (we assume both values reflect the packs’ maximum, rather than usable, capacity).

Customers will be able to test the 16-ton electric car later this year. Volta has also previously announced the manufacturing of an 18-ton variant, which is expected to begin in 2023.

Date of launch & Availability

Volata Zero Electric Trucks
Volata Zero Electric Trucks

Volta is a Swedish firm that focuses on the European market, where consumers are looking for more compact commercial electric vehicle solutions.

These buyers should be interested in the Zero 7.5- and 12-ton trucks. Customer trials for the newly revealed models will begin in 2024, with full-line production expected to start in early 2025.

Volta reported in February that it had raised $260 million in a Series C round of fundraising, increasing its total funding to $316 million.

Volata Zero Electric Trucks

Volta stated it had received orders for more than 6,000 vehicles from customers, including “Europe’s largest purchase of full-electric trucks,” thanks to DB Schenker’s 1,470 vehicles.

Petit Forestier has placed an order for 1,000 Volta Zeros as well. In 2023, Volta expects to produce 5,000 trucks per year at a factory in Steyr, Austria.

Volta’s yearly production capacity is expected to rise to 27,000 automobiles by 2025.

What are Volta Trucks?

Volta Trucks are an Anglo-Swedish start-up that develops and sells zero-emission electric trucks. Stockholm, Sweden, and London, United Kingdom, are the company’s registered offices, and it has substantial operations in both countries and France.

Does Volta Trucks have a market?

The revenue from the electric truck market in the United States is predicted to reach $15,084.3 million in 2030, representing a vast 54.0 percent compound annual growth rate. Hence the answer is, Yes.

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Volata Zero Electric Trucks
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