Gas shortages have been reported around the UK

UK Fuel shortages – Overview

Just Stop Oil said its efforts to barricade oil terminals would continue following a series of Gas station closures over the weekend and continuous reports of supply shortages at filling stations across the country.

According to a statement, up to a dozen members of the group, which is affiliated with Extinction Rebellion, remained locked to pipework at the Inter Terminal in Essex this morning, while several people are still occupying a tunnel beneath the main access route for the Kingsbury Gas Terminal in Warwickshire.

According to the group, over 400 people have taken part in activities to block operations at critical supply depots that began earlier this month and have successfully suspended operations for up to 24 hours.

According to the research, up to one-third of filling stations in the South of England are currently closed. Unfortunately, we can’t evaluate the accuracy of the Just Stop Oil claims since the Petrol Businesses Association has refused to identify how member retailers are affected.

“Over the last few days, Just Stop Oil protest activity at various oil ports has resulted in short-term fuel delivery interruptions.

According to a Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy representative, “police are attempting to remove protestors from sites so that routine deliveries may resume.”

“To guarantee that supplies are maintained, we work closely with industry.” The general populace should continue to buy gasoline as usual.”

Drivers Show Anger

UK Fuel shortages
UK Fuel shortages

Many drivers have taken to social media to vent their displeasure with the protests and closing the filling station.

At the same time, the Essex Constabulary’s deputy head constable told the Daily Mail that policing the demonstrations had already cost more than £1 million last week.

He wants the gas business to deploy more on-site security in the future to deal with protests more quickly.

“Hard-working people across our country are seeing their lives pulled to a halt by greedy, obsessive, and dangerous so-called campaigners,” UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said.

“The Labour Party of Keir Starmer frequently voted against our plans to provide the police more powers to deal with the eco-terrorists.

However, I fully support the police in doing everything possible to resolve this public nuisance.”

Patel referred to Labour’s unwillingness to endorse the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which has drawn cross-party opposition in the House of Lords due to what some regard as the introduction of new and draconian police powers to suppress protests of all kinds.

Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Gas supplies are in jeopardy.

UK Fuel shortages
UK Fuel shortages

Although UK fuel prices have skyrocketed due to Russia’s assault on Ukraine, we have yet to experience fuel shortages at UK petrol and diesel pumps as a direct result of that action.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently met with OPEC leaders to ensure supplies as the battle continues.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden announced plans to enhance supply from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Mr. Johnson told a Sky News reporter, “We’ve got to get ourselves off Russian hydrocarbons.”

“They’re a huge element of the global hydrocarbons market, helping to set prices.”

“We need to talk to other producers about how we can get out of this reliance.”

Over the last few years, Vladimir Putin has acted as a pusher, encouraging Western countries to consume hydrocarbons. “We have to break free from this addiction.”

Is it possible that fuel restrictions will be implemented?

According to some in the oil business, diesel restriction could be on the cards in the coming weeks as the Ukrainian conflict unfolds.

Dr. Amrita Sen of the research firm Energy Aspects was one of the analysts questioned by MPs from the Treasury select committee on March 14.

She stated that its specialists believe the oil price could easily climb by 50%, implying that petrol prices may jump to £2.40 per liter without government assistance in decreased fuel duty.

Dr. Sen also predicted that diesel prices could increase much higher, to £3 per liter, because it is used more heavily by industry, and the UK imports 18% of its supplies from Russia.

She predicted that diesel rationing would be implemented in Germany by the month and warned that a similar situation could emerge in the UK.

What caused the most recent gasoline shortage?

UK Fuel shortages
UK Fuel shortages

The last significant gasoline shortage in the UK occurred in the autumn of 2021 when BP announced that it would be unable to fulfill some deliveries due to a lack of tanker drivers.

Because different suppliers often serve neighboring filling stations, the closures were more of an annoyance than a problem at the time.

The Road Haulage Association, on the other hand, urged drivers to expect additional temporary gas station closures in the following weeks as the sector fought to fill driver shortages; panic buying ensued.

In response to the deteriorating situation, the government relaxed competition laws for the oil business, allowing oil companies to work together to manage stocks and distribution temporarily.

The government also deployed army drivers to keep fuel supplies going and 6,000 temporary permits for HGV drivers from other countries.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, told the BBC that he had a simple message for drivers: “Carry on as usual; there is no scarcity of fuel in the refineries.”

This long-term systemic issue has been significantly aggravated by the lack of HGV driver testing [because of Covid].

The gasoline is there, and it can keep flowing.”

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