TVS Insurance – All You Need To Know!

TVS Insurance– A Complete Guide.

TVS Motor Firm (TVS) is an Indian multinational automotive company located in Chennai, India, making motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers.

With a revenue of over 20,000 crores (US$2.7 billion) in 2018–19, it is India’s third-largest motorbike firm.

The corporation sells three million vehicles each year and has a production capacity of nearly four million.

Over 60 country’s exports, TVS Motor Company is India’s second-largest two-wheeler manufacturer.

TVS Motor is India’s third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer, with two-wheelers ranging from mopeds to racing-inspired motorbikes. TVS has four production plants: three in India (Hosur, Tamil Nadu, Mysore, Karnataka, and Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh) and one in Indonesia (Karawang, Indonesia).

The firm has released 11 new bike models to the Indian market, with the following being the most popular:

  1. TVS Apache TVS Jupiter 
  2. TVS Scooty Zest 
  3. TVS Victor
  4. TVS Wego

TVS Apache Overview

TVS Insurance
TVS Insurance

TVS offers three Apache models in India: the Apache RTR 160, Apache RTR 180, and Apache RTR 200.

The Apache RTR 180 is India’s first and cheapest ABS-equipped motorcycle. The Apache series combines technology, quality, power, and performance in a single package.

The handling characteristics of the TVS Apache series are its defining feature, making it an excellent choice for both city commutes and long-distance tours. 

TVS Jupiter Overview

TVS Insurance - All You Need To Know!
TVS Insurance

The Jupiter comes with a long list of features from TVS. External fuel filler cap, reserve fuel indicator, pass light switch, eco mode indicator, and mobile charger are exciting features.

The TVS Jupiter undoubtedly competes with the Hero Maestro Edge, Yamaha Alpha, and Honda Activa 4G. T

TVS N-Torque Overview

TVS Insurance
TVS Insurance

In 2018, TVS released the Ntorq 125, which is the company’s first premium scooter. This scooter comes with a slew of valuable and boast-worthy features that will make your ride more enjoyable. 

All included a charging socket, split grab rails, an external gasoline filler cap, and an LED tail lamp. In addition, a clock, lap timer, average speed, top speed recorder, and service and helmet reminders are included.

The built-in Bluetooth technology on this scooter makes it easy to sync your smartphone with the TVS Smart Xconnect app. In addition, you may make and receive calls on the dashboard, display caller ID, and access navigation, ride data, and last parked position.

TVS XL Super Overview

TVS Insurance
TVS Insurance

TVS XL Super is a no-frills moped designed to transport passengers and luggage at the lowest possible cost. This heavy-duty, reliable, and comfy scooter is only 66 kilograms. Despite its small weight, the moped is sturdy enough to resist harsh circumstances and use.

The Heavy Duty Super XL is styled like a traditional moped with decals, adding its cool factor. A single-cylinder, two-stroke 70cc engine provides 3.5bhp and 5Nm of torque and power the moped. An automated gearbox and a kick start are included with the air-cooled carbureted engine.

To improve its overall functionality, it has drum brakes on both wheels and an analog speedometer.

TVS Sport Overview

TVS Insurance
TVS Insurance

Sportier graphics and a racier front cowl give the TVS Sport a distinct visual appeal. It’s a sleek 100cc commuter bike made for the discerning public.

The motorcycle outperforms the competition in every essential category, including style, mileage, and pricing. The TVS Sport caters to the needs of new-generation bikers with its exceptional power, fantastic styling aspects, and excellent specs.

Why should I apply for TVS Insurance?

TVS Insurance
TVS Insurance

Getting your two-wheeler insured is a legal requirement in India. A two-wheeler insurance coverage protects you, your vehicle, your fellow passengers, and any third-party vehicle at the time of an accident made by your car.

Purchasing insurance coverage has gotten extremely simple in recent years. You may not only get a two-wheeler insurance quotation online, but you can also look for the best plans and compare quotes.

TVS Insurance- Two Types of two-wheeler insurance.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance Cover
  2. Third-Party Cover

Comprehensive Insurance Cover:

  • This is the most comprehensive two-wheeler insurance available.
  • It pays for repairing the scooter due to accidents caused by the rider’s mistakes.
  • It also covers the costs of third-party accidents. In addition, this provides financial assistance if another person, their scooter, or their property is damaged.
  • This policy also covers expenses incurred due to natural calamities such as fire, storm, or theft. Because an accident often results in injuries, having Insurance that covers medical expenditures is advantageous.
  • The comprehensive insurance coverage would pay medical expenditures if the rider’s fault did not cause the accident.

Third-Party Insurance:

  • This insurance coverage covers the costs of accident-related losses and injuries to a third party.
  • However, the expenses for damages to the rider are not covered by this insurance coverage.
  • As a result, a comprehensive insurance policy is preferable because it gives more coverage.

What is Add on Insurance Cover?

Over and above your primary insurance policy, add-on covers are extra protection supplied by insurance companies. To get the benefits of add-ons, you’ll have to pay a premium fee. 

The following are some of the different coverage options available with Two-wheelers Insurance:

  • Coverage for electrical accessories
  • Non-electrical accessories are included in this category.
  • Coverage for towing
  • For a paid driver, legal liability insurance is required.
  • Pillion rider’s accident insurance
  • Passengers with no names are covered by personal accident insurance.

How to calculate the premium costs of your TVS Insurance?

Several factors determine the cost of scooter insurance and its premium. The following are a few of them:

• The extent of coverage determines the cost of an insurance policy. For example, premium rates will be higher if you get an insurance policy with many add-ons and a lot of coverage.

• The cost of your Insurance is also influenced by elements relating to your scooter. The scooter’s engine capacity, the date of manufacture, model number and kind, the distance it has traveled to date, the vehicle’s registration date, and so on are only a few of them. Scooters that are new, pricey, and have additional attachments will have higher insurance premiums.

How to apply for TVS Scooter Insurance?

You can apply for scooter insurance at any of your insurance provider’s physical locations; doing it online is always more accessible and more convenient. Furthermore, it conserves your valuable time. 

Here’s how to apply for TVS Insurance via the internet:

  1. Go to your insurance provider’s website and look for two-wheeler insurance.
  2. Fill in the facts about your scooter, such as the kind, model number, and so on.
  3. Then, using their premium calculator, figure out how much your premium will be.
  4. Fill in your general information, such as your name, address, and phone number.
  5. Read the policy papers thoroughly before clicking the ‘I agree’ button.
  6. The payment of the premium is the final step.

How can I check the updates of my motorbike insurance online?

Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India developed the Insurance Information Bureau or IIB portal, which collects all data on the insurance business. In the steps below, you can view your two-wheeler insurance coverage on this e-portal.

  • Visit the IIB’s official website.
  • You’ll be taken to another website if you tap on ‘V SEVA,’ located under the quick links.
  • On this page, along with the Captcha, fill in all of the essential information.
  • After you’ve double-checked everything, click ‘Submit.’

Here are the 4 Companies for TVS Insurance.

  1. TVS Insurance
  2. Insurance Dekho
  3. Policy Bazaar
  4. Reliance General

What is covered by your TVS insurance?

Here’s what your two-wheeler TVS insurance covers when you buy it online:

  1. Vehicle damage is caused by artificial events such as burglary, theft, riots, terrorism, etc.
  2. Vehicle damage is caused by natural catastrophes such as fire, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, storms, landslides, etc.
  3. Financial assistance to riders in the event of an accident.
  4. Third-party liability insurance.

Also, here are some suggestions to maintain your bike running like new for as long as possible:

  1. Rain and dirt can harm your bike’s health, so keep it dry and clean at all times.
  2. Keep your tire pressure at the manufacturer’s suggested level.
  3. Check the status of engine and fork oils regularly and keep them at the proper level.
  4. Keep an eye on the battery’s health and make sure there are no leaks.
  5. Have your car serviced by a professional at least twice a year.

Safety tips:

  • Make sure you’re wearing a proper helmet.
  • For road safety, adhere to all traffic laws and speed limits.
  • Drive defensively to avoid road rage.
  • Don’t drive if you’ve had too much to drink.
  • Have driver’s license, two-wheeler insurance papers, registration certificate, PUC, and so on.

Find Out:

How long does it take for Tvs bike insurance to be renewed?

Through online, It only takes 5 minutes to renew your motorcycle insurance.

What is TVS insurance?

You can ensure your TVS bike against loss and damage in the event of an accident, collision, or another occurrence. A third-party TVS bike insurance coverage is the bare minimum. Still, a comprehensive bike insurance policy would cover both third-party and own damages caused by natural and artificial disasters.

What exactly is the 2w policy?

It protects you from financial obligations owed to a third-party person or property as a result of a motorcycle accident. This policy is illegal if it is not followed according to the given process or statement.

Are there any TVS Insurance claim online?

-Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited
1860 425 0000
-Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd.
1860 500 3333
-HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited
1800 270 0700
-The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
1800 209 1415
-United India Insurance Company Ltd.
1800 425 33333
-The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
1800 11 8485
-Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited.
1800 103 2292
-Liberty General Insurance Ltd.
1800 266 5844

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