The Triumph Scrambler 900 and the Triumph Speed Twin 900 are planned for 2022.

Triumph Scrambler 900 And Speed Twin 900 – Overview

There are many models in Triumph‘s modern-classic portfolio.

The Bonneville-based line has nine incarnations, ranging from the T100 to the Speedmaster, the Bobber to the Thruxton RS.

In 2023, Triumph will rebrand the Street Twin and the Street Scrambler as the Speed Twin 900 and Scrambler 900, respectively, to help simplify all those distinct model names.

In 2016, Hinckley released the first Street Twin, followed by the Street Scrambler.

With the introduction of the Speed Twin in 2018 and the Scrambler 1200 in 2019, both “Street” models gained bigger brothers with the 1,200cc version of Triumph’s parallel-twin engine.

Triumph Scrambler 900 And Speed Twin 900
Triumph Scrambler 900 And Speed Twin 900

The brand now aims to cement that fraternal tie by eliminating the “Street” forename, according to new US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) records.

The Speed Twin 900 and Scrambler 900 will be mechanically identical 2023 to the bikes released in 2022.

Of course, new side panel badges will identify the renamed models, but we can also anticipate new color options to go along with the new moniker.

Removing the “Street” tag will unify Triumph’s modern classic naming pattern, making entry-level options clearer for newer riders and brand converts.

While the name change appears to be a good adaptation for the recently introduced modern masterpieces, it also calls into question the Street Triple’s nomenclature.

Triumph Scrambler 900 And Speed Twin 900
Triumph Scrambler 900 And Speed Twin 900

Unlike the Street Twin and Street Scrambler, the middleweight naked bike veteran has been around since 2007.

Many staunch Triumph fans may scoff at the idea of the Street Triple becoming the Speed Triple 765, but with the 2021 Speed Triple sporting the “1200” surname, it may not be as farfetched as some might think.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for the documentation to back such a drastic rebranding.

Still, it’s encouraging to see Hinckley finding a means to retain its vast contemporary classics collection in good working order.

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Triumph Scrambler 900 And Speed Twin 900
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