Toyota Plan For Solid-state Battery for 2025

Toyota Solid State Battery- Main Headline

Toyota’s planned solid-state batteries. It would debut in a forthcoming hybrid and not an EV.

Toyota head scientist Gill Pratt said the batteries, which are expected to be commercialized by 2025, will initially appear in hybrids because they allow for a smaller battery pack that is less cost-sensitive.

Here are the three major highlights:

  • Toyota stated that their first vehicle to use solid-state batteries will be available by 2025.
  • Toyota will use a new hybrid battery, not wholly electric vehicles. Therefore the Prius could be the first to receive the new battery.
  • Solid-state batteries promise faster charging times and extended battery life.


Toyota Solid State Battery
Toyota Plan For Solid-state Battery for 2025 5

Solid-state batteries are the next important step in electric car development. Solid-state batteries, as opposed to the lithium-ion batteries used in today’s EVs, promise more excellent range, faster charging times, and longer battery life.

However, further work is required. For example, Toyota said in 2020 that it was working on solid-state battery prototypes. 

According to Pratt, hybrids are also a “tougher test.” for solid-state technology due to the more significant amount of battery cycling.

However, Toyota would expand its usage of solid-state battery cells to all-electric vehicles as it acquires more experience with them and as costs come down, he added.

Toyota Solid State Battery
Toyota Plan For Solid-state Battery for 2025 6

According to Pratt, greater energy density is one of the purported benefits of solid-state batteries, but Toyota is also looking for faster charging times.

However, he emphasized that this hasn’t been validated because development effort is presently concentrated on the hybrid rollout of solid-state batteries. Furthermore, he added that faster charging would necessitate grid and network modifications.

Toyota plans to debut solid-state batteries in hybrids for a few reasons. First, solid-state batteries are now more expensive to manufacture, but because hybrids have more miniature battery packs than EVs, putting them in combinations first will save money.

The other issue that solid-state batteries are now encountering is battery life, with early prototype cells succumbing to repeat charging.

Toyota Solid State Battery
Toyota Plan For Solid-state Battery for 2025 7

The smaller battery in a hybrid is charged and refilled significantly more frequently. Pratt believes that the increased battery cycling will make hybrids an excellent testbed for the new technology.

Last month, the company unveiled a dozen designs previewing some of those models, announcing ambitions for 30 EVs globally by 2030. However, the company has stated that the focus for its future EVs will be on price rather than range.

The BZ4X crossover is Toyota’s first mass-market electric vehicle, and it is planned to serve as the basis for the Lexus RZ, Toyota’s luxury brand.

Toyota Solid State Battery
Toyota Plan For Solid-state Battery for 2025 8

“We want to start by placing them in vehicles where we feel they’ll be both the well-suited in terms of a lifetime, but also that will exercise them sufficiently so that when costs come down, we can roll them out in [battery-electric vehicles] as well,” added Pratt.

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