Toyota & Subaru Collaboration. Result! Toyota bZ4X Concept, their first-ever electric SUV.

Finally, Toyota Is Joining the EV Market. Launching This Year 2021.

Finally, Toyota has revealed the new Toyota bZ4X Concept, their first-ever electric SUV concept, officially displayed to the general public at the Shanghai Auto show this year.

Toyota’s new SUV is approaching in teamwork with Subaru. Toyota and Subaru have mutually established a new EV platform for that.

Earlier, Koji Toyoshima, deputy chief executive officer of the Toyota ZEV factory, reported that the all-new midsize SUV would be prepared in a few months. According to him, the new SUV will be attractive to look at and comfortable while driving.

Before we dive into more details, here are the three major highlights of the bZ4X Concept.

  • The looks and appearance are similar to the popular Toyota RAV4 SUV ‘bZ4X’.
  • Will be the first SUV to practice the new e-TNGA platform
  • The upcoming New Subaru SUV will be using the same platform as bZ4X.

These will be part of Toyota’s aim to sell 5.5 million electrified cars per year, adding 60 new electric and hybrid selections to its constant.

Its declaration noted its cornerstone part in dipping petrol emissions by selling 16 million hybrid automobiles and recognizes that it is currently necessary to pivot to all-electric.

As part of this strategy to finally hold all-electric zero-emissions technology (previously the company has focused mainly on developing its hydrogen fuel cell Mirai), Toyoshima reported that the car-maker would comprise a new business model to safeguard its success.

This will contain a whole-of-life method to its all-electric goods, from new vehicles to rental, secondhand automobiles, as well as reusing and recycling batteries.

Toyoshima also announced that the car manufacturers aim towards fast-charging solid-state battery technology, which is supposed to have in vehicles in the mid-2020.

The bZ4X is being manufactured at Toyota’s ZEV factory in Japan; the SUV wheels, which is about the same size as the Toyota RV4, are probable to be longer.

Toyota will also use the e-TNGA platform. In addition, the new SUV will come in the front wheel, rear wheel, and four-wheel drive options.

These SUVs will be accessible in diverse sizes of batteries and engines, according to international media.

bZ4X Concept: Body & Aesthetic

Toyota bZ4X Concept
Toyota & Subaru Collaboration. Result! Toyota bZ4X Concept, their first-ever electric SUV. 5

The new Toyota bZ4X Concept styling will carry hefty black wheel-arch trim, densely angeled cues, a known silhouette and an opposing clue a the influence of the well-sold SUV, ‘RAV4’, which you can buy with a plug-in hybrid powertrain in some international auto markets.

Nonetheless, an all-new front-end style and numerous features indicate different looks for bZ-badged EVs.

Inside the cabin of bZ4X Concept

Toyota bZ4X Interiors
Toyota & Subaru Collaboration. Result! Toyota bZ4X Concept, their first-ever electric SUV. 6

Inside the cabin, appeared in the production-ready guise has been intended to offer the driver a sense of direct connection to the road and vital info.

The extended central display, textured dashboard and widespread centre console Is likely to feature on the production car.

The instrument panel is fixed at the lower side to enhance visibility and decrease distraction from the road.

bZ4X Concept: Performance and Power

Toyota bZ4X
Toyota & Subaru Collaboration. Result! Toyota bZ4X Concept, their first-ever electric SUV. 7

Mechanical facts of the dual-motor electric powertrain continue mostly under wraps, but the system is said to draw on Toyota’s 20-plus years of offering electrified powertrains. 

The Toyota bZ4X Concept range is improved courtesy of an onboard solar charging system that helps to safeguard colder weather, has a minor effect on usability.

According to the company, the max power is delivered to all four wheels. Hence bZ4X is said to provide optimum off-road capability and smooth performance in all on-road.

As soon as the new SUV hits the market, Toyota will produce additional electric cars on the new e-TNGA platform, including crossovers, large SUVs, sedans, and MPVs.

 It is said that Subaru will also practice the same new platform.

Until why Toyota has waited long to enter the EV market?

Toyota bZ4X
Toyota & Subaru Collaboration. Result! Toyota bZ4X Concept, their first-ever electric SUV. 8

Hybrid technology has allowed the company to comply with strict emissions standards in Europe without jumping too early into EVs,’ reported Andrea Carlucci, director of product and marketing for Toyota Europe.

“Nevertheless, hybrid success has offered us the basis we want, for other electrified powertrains – which will be announced when the infrastructure, the market, and the time is right. And that time is getting nearer.”

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