Breaking News- Tesla No Longer Comes With Gen 2!

Tesla has discontinued the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle – Overview.

Tesla’s Gen 2 mobile connector will no longer be included with new Tesla orders. Instead, consumers can add the charging kit for a reduced price of $200.

When ordered individually, the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle, which contains a 20-foot cable, a 220V-240V adapter, and a storage bag, will now cost $400.

The Level 1 kit connects to a typical 110-volt household outlet and adds two to three miles of rph to the car’s battery. This is far slower than using a wall outlet or a public charging station.

With this move, Tesla is preparing to scale up manufacturing at its two Gigafactories in Austin and Berlin.

Customer input spurred the move, Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed in tweets.

Tesla has discontinued the Gen 2 Mobile Connector
Tesla has discontinued the Gen 2 Mobile Connector

Musk tweeted why he decided to offer the bundle separately: “Usage figures were deficient, so it felt wasteful.”

On the (small) bright side, the mobile connectivity kit will come with extra plug adaptors.”

Previously, plug adaptors could be purchased separately from the package from Tesla.

However, it’s unclear which adaptors will be included in the package today.

According to Musk, drivers that use a Tesla wall connector or the automaker’s Supercharger network do not need the mobile connector.

Tesla has discontinued the Gen 2 Mobile Connector
Tesla has discontinued the Gen 2 Mobile Connector

Before the car comes, he recommended that purchasers install a Tesla wall connector according to him.

Even while most Tesla owners charge their cars at a wall outlet or a Supercharger station, some people think the mobile connector kit is beneficial when camping or going to places where there are no charging stations.

It’s too early to say whether other EV manufacturers, such as GM, Ford, Nissan, or BMW, will follow Tesla’s path.

For example, charging cables are not included with the Kia EV6 all-electric vehicle.

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