So Long Nerds | “Hello everyone, this is Technoblade. While you’re watching this, I’ll be gone.”

Youtuber Technoblade Death – June 30th, 2022.

Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passed away at 23, according to a heartfelt farewell video made on his behalf by his family.

In the video ” so long nerds, ” his father referred to him as “the most amazing kid anyone could ask for.”

The video was shared with his 10 million followers. The American internet celebrity became well-known by live streaming and uploading videos of himself playing the sandbox game.

Technoblade informed his followers of his cancer diagnosis last year. His father read the final letter, penned just hours before passing away: “Hello everyone, this is Technoblade. While you’re watching this, I’ll be gone.”

Technoblade Death
Technoblade Death

Then, after recalling the time he had tricked viewers into thinking his name was Dave, he admitted that his real name was Alex. He stated, “Thank you all for supporting my stuff throughout the years. “If I had an additional 100 lives, Since those were my best years, I think I would decide to live as Technoblade once more,” she remarked.

The online celebrity revealed in a fundraising video released in February that he had undergone chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a limb salvage operation after developing a painful tumor in his right arm.

In addition, he won Minecraft tournaments and amassed hordes of fans by humorously talking about his life while playing the game.

Sarcoma, a rare bone and soft tissue malignancy caused his death.

In August 2021, he revealed his cancer diagnosis, adding that at first, he believed the discomfort he was experiencing resulted from a repetitive stress injury brought on by his obsessive gaming.

Then, however, he visited the hospital when his arm started to swell, and there he was given a cancer diagnosis.

Technoblade, who kept his true identity a secret until the very end, is a mystery. But a picture of a crowned pig served as his internet persona.

His bio on his YouTube channel, which has 10.8 million subscribers, reads: “I engage in excessive video game use. I may not be the best, but my elbows are heated.”

“Frame in heaven.”

As soon as word of his passing spread, fans, gamers, and YouTubers paid him tribute online.

technoblade death
Technoblade death

J Schlatt reminisced, “I’ll never forget the day I met Technoblade. I got out of work early to join him in a Minecraft competition. I hardly understood how to play, yet the guy carried us to victory in the match. Peace be with you, huge guy. You are a legend forever.

Technoblade Death
Technoblade Death

“Rest in peace, Technoblade; he always treated me with absolute compassion and never excluded me from anything,” tweeted Captain Puffy, aka Cara, a YouTuber. He could not have been friendlier!

She added, thank you for everything you’ve done for this community, saying that it wouldn’t be the same without you.

Technoblade Death
Technoblade Death

Remarked Tommy Innit: “The legendary Technoblade. I am thankful to have been in his life, both as one of his true friends and as a huge fan. He must be planning how to outwit God in paradise; I just know it.”

Ludwig Ahgren continued, “I’ve spent the last hour watching Technoblade’s.” “Even in the most trying circumstances, he remained so clever and modest. He will always inspire me.”

Technoblade Death
Technoblade Death

Quackity also showed appreciation online: “I got the chance to tell Technoblade how much I admired and respected him, not only for the enormous influence he had on all of us but also for maintaining his great humour even during the most trying times. I shall certainly miss him.”

Technoblade Death
Technoblade Death

Jake Lucky, an eSports player, commented, “May he rest in peace.”

Technoblade’s father thanked the audience in the farewell video, saying, “You meant a lot to him.”

He explained that now, a portion of the money made from internet sales of his late son’s goods would be donated to charity.

A written message from Technoblade’s family appeared at the end of the video: “We, the family of Technoblade, wanted all of you to know exactly how much he adored and valued his fans and coworkers.

To engage and reward his audience, Technoblade has always planned. He has given away online prizes, promoted good sportsmanship, and, most all, shared his Minecraft exploits for their amusement and humor.

He “managed to preserve his good-natured modesty even after his eventual accomplishments, competing with a charming balance of confidence and self-deprecating humour.”

Minecraft lets users design their experiences in a creative virtual environment by digging holes to gather bricks.

Children have been using recent game upgrades to explore and expand their knowledge of careers and find answers to issues like flooding in the real world.

Technoblade was called “effortlessly humorous” and “endlessly skilled” by Ted Nevison. But, too soon, he said, “gone.”

Technoblade Death
Technoblade Death

Additionally, paying respect, Bad Boy Halo added: “Words cannot adequately express how much we shall miss you. Your influence on the people whose lives you’ve touched will always be felt.”

Technoblade Death
Technoblade Death

The personality and sense of humor of Technoblade, according to Slimecicle, “were a great inspiration to myself and countless others.”

Thank you for everything you offered to the world before your untimely death; you will always be remembered as a legend.

How did technoblade die?

Techno claimed that he first noticed arm soreness in July and then took a few days off to recuperate after attributing the symptoms to an injury brought on by repetitive stress from gaming. However, it was revealed in August 2021 that Techno had been diagnosed with cancer.

When did Technoblade dead?

Technoblade died at the age of only 2023 on June 30th, 2022.

Rest Easy Legend (TECHNOBLADE)- HitwheelsNepal Family.

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technoblade death
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