Latest Updates- Super Soco EV Bikes & Scooters in Nepal 2022.

Super Soco Price in Nepal 2022

D-Lifestyle is an official distributor of Super Soco bikes in Nepal. These e-bikes provide environmentally responsible transportation in a sleek package with innovative features.

With the tagline “Revolt,” D-lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. has presented a premium range of five “Super Soco” electric bikes and scooters in Nepal.

Two electric scooters, the Super Soco CUx and Super Soco CPx, and three electric cycles, the Super Soco TC Max, Super Soco TC, and Super Soco TSx.

In Nepal, the Super Soco TC Max is the most costly electric bike in the company’s current lineup.

Similarly, the Super Soco TSX is Nepal’s most cost-effective electric scooter.


As a result, below is the updated pricing list for Super Soco price in Nepal for 2021 and its essential Specifications.

Super Soco Models    Super Soco Price In Nepal
Super Soco CUxRs. 2,49,900 (Standard Colors) / Rs. 2,59,900 (Luxury Colors)
Super Soco CPxRs. 4,59,900 (Single Battery) / Rs. 5,89,900 (Double Battery)
Super Soco TSXRs. 2,85,900 (Single Battery) / Rs. 3,69,900 (Double Battery)
Super Soco TCRs. 2,89,900 (Single Battery) / Rs. 3,75,900 (Double Battery)
Super Soco TC MaxRs. 4,89,900.


Super Soco Price in Nepal

CUx Overview

With its remarkable style, the CUx has a luxurious appearance.

The CUx has a sleek overall appearance and an agile body that makes it easy to drive in congested traffic.

The seat height is somewhat high, so new riders will quickly adjust.

The character is enhanced by the elegant round side mirrors, prominent LED headlight, and tail lighting. In addition, several high-tech features come included with the e-scooter.

Keyless entry, warning signals and sounds, anti-theft technology, USB charging port, storage capacity, and a digital display are included in the CUx.

A lightweight honeycomb lithium-Ion 2788 W battery pack and a 1.3kw Bosch Motor with a torque output of 115 Nm power the CUx.

The range is 85 kilometres, and the peak speed is 75 kilometres per hour, which is quite good for an e-scooter.

It’s equipped with a dual-disc CBS for braking. The device takes roughly 3.5 hours to charge fully.

CUx (Standard Color)Rs. 2,49,900
CUx (Luxury Color)Rs. 2,59,900


Super Soco Price in Nepal

CPx Overview

The CPx has a muscular and sporting design.

Unlike the CUx, it has an LED headlamp mounted above the front mudguard and is entirely black.

It has an 8-spoke alloy wheelset, a huge flyscreen, and a digital instrument console.

Keyless start, warning signals, anti-theft technology, and an extra-large comfy sitting USB charging port are other essential features.

The model comes with a one-push Reverse Switch that will come in handy when driving through busy areas.

The CPx uses a 4000 Watt motor and two 60v/45Ah batteries to produce 171Nm of torque.

The double battery, according to CPx, has a range of 200 kilometres, while the single battery has a range of 100 kilometres.

Super Soco Price in Nepal

The extra battery option does not boost the CPx’s power, but it does extend its range.

The maximum speed is still 90 kilometres per hour. Double Disc CBS is responsible for braking.

The charging duration for a single battery is 3-4 hours, and you may need to charge it overnight if you have a twin battery.

The batteries can be swapped out. As a result, it may be set conveniently within the house without bothering about a charging port outside.

Silver, Black, and Grey are the three colours available for the model.

CPx (Single Battery) Rs. 4,59,900
CPx (Double Battery) Rs 5,89,900


Super Soco Price in Nepal

TSX Overview

A 3000W motor with a maximum torque of 140Nm powers the TSX.

It has a 60V30 AH battery that takes about 3.5 hours to charge.

It can also reach speeds of 80 kilometres per hour.

The TSX is the Super Soco’s entry-level model, with a sleek appearance and new features.

On the other hand, the top model comes with a second battery for a more extended range than the ordinary model. The regular variant with a single battery has an 80-kilometre range. 

In contrast, the top variant with a double battery has a 160-kilometre range.

It has the performance of a 125cc motorcycle. For a considerably lower price, TSX offers more advanced functionality.

It looks and feels futuristic in comparison to its competitors.

More importantly, Super Soco Nepal provides a 3-year battery warranty and a 2-year warranty on its fashionable e-bikes.

Here are some key features of TSX:

  • Dual Disc Braking
  • 3-Level Riding Modes
  • Keyless GO with App Integration
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Safety Feature
  • Engine Kill Switch
  • Adjustable Centralized Rear Suspension
  • 17-inch Bosch Motor
  • One-Push Power Start
  • Remote Key
  • Dynamic LED Lights
  • Hidden Storage Compartment
  • Intelligent High Brightness Display
Super Soco Price in Nepal

Here are the Key Specifications of TSX:

  • Motor Capacity: 3000W
  • Battery: 60V30AH
  • Max Torque: 140 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 80 Kmph
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Combi Braking System
  • Range: 80 Km
  • Charging Time: 3.5hours with fast charging.
  • Tyre: Disc
  • Weight: 72 Kg
  • Battery Nature: Lithium-Ion
  • Colours: Gold, Black, Grey, Red
TSX (Single Battery) Rs. 2, 85,900
TSX (Double Battery) Rs. 3, 69,900


Super Soco Price in Nepal

TC Overview

The TC is driven by a 3000W motor with a maximum torque of 150Nm.

A 60V30AH battery is included. It also has a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

It has an outstanding range of 80 kilometres for a single battery and 160 kilometres for a double battery, depending on the battery.

WC has a scrambler look compared to other Super SOCO motorcycles. with its round headlamp and unusually contoured seat

In terms of the varieties, they are mechanically identical. But, on the other hand, the top model comes with a second battery, giving it double the range of the ordinary model.

The performance is similarly comparable to a 125cc motorcycle, according to Super Soco Nepal.

TC, like the TSX, has incredible specifications and features.

Super Soco Nepal offers a 3-year battery warranty and a 2-year warranty on its e-bikes.

Here are the key features of TC:

  • High Precision Speed Control
  • Engine Kill Switch
  • Retro Customed Tyres
  • Dynamic LED Lighting System
  • Analog-Digital Meter
  • Remote Key
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Safety Feature
  • Dual Disc Braking
  • Hidden Storage Compartment
  • Keyless GO with App Integration
  • 3-Level Riding Modes
  • Dual Disc Braking
  • Six Section Adjustable Pedals
  • Dual Disc Braking
Super Soco Price in Nepal

Here are the key specifications of TC:

  • Peak Torque: 150Nm
  • Motor capacity: 3000 W
  • Battery: 60V30AH
  • Tyres: 90/80-17 (Front) / 110/70-17 (Rear) – Disc
  • Weight: 83Kg
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Range: 80Km (160Km in Double)
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Braking Type: Combi-Braking System
  • Colours: Beige, Grey, and Blue.
TC (Single Battery) Rs. 2, 89,900
TC (Double Battery) Rs. 3, 75,900

TC Max

TC MAX Overview

The TC Max is Super Soco Nepal’s flagship e-bike.

A 5000W EEC motor generates a maximum torque of 180Nm, which powers the Super Soco TC Max.

A 75V45AH battery is included in the package. 

In addition, it has a max speed of 110 kilometres per hour and a range of 110 kilometres. 

The highest Super Soco offering, TC Max, boasts the most features in every area. 

Super Soco Nepal offers a 3-year battery warranty and a 2-year warranty on its fashionable e-bikes.

Here are the key features of TC Max:

  • Engine Kill Switch
  • Dynamic LED Lighting System
  • Hidden Storage Compartment
  • Analog-Digital Meter
  • Dual Disc Braking
  • High Precision Speed Control
  • Retro Customed Tyres
  • Six Section Adjustable Pedals
  • Remote Key
  • 3-Level Riding Modes
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Safety Feature
  • Keyless GO with App Integration
Super Soco Price in Nepal

Here are the key specifications of TC Max:

  • Motor: 5000 W
  • Battery: 75V45AH
  • Max Torque: 180Nm
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 110Km
  • Max Speed: 110 Kmph
  • Charging Time: 5 hours (Fast Charging)
  • Front Tyre: 90/80-17 Disc
  • Rear Tyre: 120/70-17 Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres
  • Braking Type: Combi-braking System
  • Weight: 103.5Kg
  • Colours: Black and Grey
TC Max Rs. 4, 89,900.

What is the top speed of the SuperSoco Bike?

The SuperSoco Tsx has a total speed of 85 kmph.

What is the range of Supersoco Bikes?

The Supersoco TSX and TC offer a range of 80 km and 180 km on a double battery. At the same time, the Supersoco TC Max provides a complete range of 110 Km.

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