Top 5 Car Rental Agencies In Dubai – 2022!

Rent A Car In Dubai- Top 5 Car Rental Companies In Dubai!

When you need to go farther than you can walk, it will be simpler to type a car rental near me than to use public transportation or pay for a cab.

On the other hand, if you are unaware of hidden charges, they can make a dent in your finances.

For instance, renting a car could seem straightforward rather than using the Dubai Metro, tram, or bus; all you have to do is pay the rental company and select your chosen car.

Nevertheless, due to the abundance of “car hire near mebusinesses in Dubai, choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Driving remains a practical means of mobility in Dubai, despite the city’s public transit system’s recent significant improvements.

People might get in touch with Dubai car rental companies if they wish always to have a personal automobile available. Not only do travelers who need to borrow a car for a few days use these services.

Residents can borrow a car for a few weeks or months through Dubai’s long-term automobile rental program.

As mentioned, there are several reputable Dubai car rental companies.

You can find cars for rent in Dubai that are more reasonably priced and some that are more premium, but not all businesses are created equal.

Similarly, depending on your interests, you can upgrade to a bigger or faster model and hire opulent vehicles. Unsurprisingly, you will pay less if you reserve a car for a longer time frame.

Diamond Lease

rent a car in dubai
Rent a car in Dubai

Diamond Lease comes in first place on our list. Since 1996, Dubai has benefited from this division of the Al Habtoor Group.

It has a fleet of about 7,000 cars and is ISO 9001 certified. It is renowned for its top-notch customer service and immaculate vehicles.

Small to medium-sized saloon cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, and refrigerated container trucks are all available for customers at low rates. One of Dubai’s top car rental firms, so the saying goes.

Here are the services they offer:

  • Car Rental
  • Car lease: Corporate car lease and personal car lease
  • Truck Lease
  • School Bus Transport
  • Used Car for Sales

Here’s How to contact them:

  • Diamondlease Head Office
  • Dubai Investments Park, P.O Box: 32689, Dubai, UAE
  • Phone Number: +971 4885 2677
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Timings: Sat – Thurs / 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Dubai Service Booking
  • Phone Number: +971 4885 2211
  • Email[email protected]

Emergency Service Booking

  • 24×7 Emergency Service Booking:
  • Mob. Number: +971 566 82 888 6

One-Click Drive

rent a car in dubai
Rent a car in Dubai

The leading automobile rental company in Dubai is OneClickDrive. They have more than fifty different brands of cars in their collection. Depending on your budget, you can rent an SUV, van, luxury, sports, or family car.

Additionally, they offer cars with handicap ramps or lifts.

Famous vehicle manufacturers include Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Renault, Kia, Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Toyota, Lincoln, and Maserati. With longer-term rental agreements, they offer significant savings.

The Services they provide:

  • Rent a car
  • Car brands
  • Car leasing
  • Car with driver
  • Driver Service
  • Discounted Services

Contact: +971-56-769-1449


Rent a car in Dubai
Rent a car in Dubai

One of Dubai’s top car rental businesses is National Car Rental (NRC). It is safe to say that it dominates the Dubai automobile rental market with operations in more than 80 nations.

Residents of Dubai choose NRC as one of the most significant possibilities since it strongly emphasizes offering top-notch services at fair pricing. Additionally, requests for car rental services can be made online.

These are the category they offer for the customers:

  • Vehicle Range
  • Leasing
  • Service
  • Offers
  • Contact: TOLL FREE: 800 3031 / 3130
  • Telephone: +971 4 2516211
  • Email: [email protected]


Rent a car in Dubai
Rent a car in Dubai

Eighty thousand rental automobiles are available from Rental Cars UAE. You can pick up or have cars delivered to your home at one of their 100 locations in Dubai, including JLT and Business Bay.

Customers can select a car drop-off location as well.

Top manufacturers including Toyota, Mercedes, Hyundai, Mazda, Audi, BMW, Nissan, and Kia are available for individuals interested in hiring a car.

People can also request the agent in advance if they need a specific model for a longer duration.

Here are the different services they offer:

  • Located in: Dubai Marina Mall
  • Address: Horizon Tower – Al Marsa Street 218 Horizon Tower, JBR – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Areas served: Barsha Heights and nearby areas
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +971 800 22799


Rent a car in Dubai
Rent a car in Dubai

With its headquarters in the US, Thrifty launched its business in the UAE in 1989 under the management of A.A.Al Moosa Enterprises. For the past 40 years, Thrifty has met the rental car requirements of both locals and tourists in Dubai.

Renting a car is affordable, and the staff is prepared to meet particular requirements like child safety seats or GPS units.



 [email protected]

How much does it cost to rent a car in Dubai?

In Dubai, the price to rent a car is roughly AED 40 per day, or AED 1190 per month for a modest car, including all fees. However, the cost of renting a car varies according to how long the rental period is, with some businesses offering daily prices as low as AED 33.

Can foreigners rent a car in Dubai?

International Driving Permits must be current for foreign visitors (IDP). Therefore, it’s important to check directly with rental firms to see if the requirements have changed, whether your home country’s license will be accepted, or whether you need to apply for an IDP in advance.

9 Best Car Rental Companies In Dubai 2022| Here’s How You Rent It!

Rent a car In Dubai
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