2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal.

It has been confirmed that Renault Kiger (sub-compact SUV) will come to Nepal.

Renault’s official dealer, Advance Automobile, is all set to launch the Kiger as soon as the ban is lifted.

Renault unveiled the Kiger in India five months ago, a popular four-meter SUV due to its low price.

Kiger, which is directly competing with Nissan Magnet in India, is expected to compete with Nissan Magnet here in the Nepali market too.

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Now let’s dive into more details

Exterior Design

Renault Kiger
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 10

Renault has launched the Kiger with split headlamps, LED daytime running lights, and Renault’s signature grille with a focus on the younger generation.

Renault Kiger
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 11

It also comes with 16-inch new diamond-cut alloy wheels, sporty roofline, grey-coloured roof rails, sealed rear LED tail lamps, and high-mounted front tapped lamps.

Features like a plate and a black wheel arch can be found. The spoiler on the roof and the SAARC fin antenna have helped Kiger to look sporty.

Renault Kiger
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 12

The Renault Kiger appears to be very roomy and appealing. This model’s design chief made it plain that the automobile had to look big and spacious even with five people inside.

The Subcompact SUV appears to be larger than the listed measurements. Even though the model is a Subcompact SUV, it is 80 percent similar in design to an SUV.

2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal.
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 13

The three-LED array inside the headlamp housing, which is mounted on the bumper rather than the hood line, is the car’s most appealing feature.

What We Have Inside The Cabin?

2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal.
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 14

Inside the Kiger, you’ll get the 8-inch infotainment system that supports wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

The company also claims that the features like a 7-inch fully digital instrument cluster, automatic climate control, multi-functional steering, cruise control and other modern features have provided excellent convenience to Renault Kiger.

Engine Specifications, Driving Experience & Performance 

Renault Kiger
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 15

Available in 6 different colour variants, the Kiger will have a 1.0-litre natural aspirated and 1.0-liter turbo engine option.

It will be available in a 5-speed manual and automatic gearbox.

The Renault Kiger is a fuel-efficient vehicle that provides a pleasant driving experience. They are fuel-efficient, with the manual petrol variant getting 20 kilometres per gallon.

The Renault Kiger’s performance is far from inflexible, and it is highly adaptable. To begin with, it features a new 1.0L Turbo petrol engine.

Due to the multi-sense driving modes and the multi-skin 17.78 cm, reconfigurable TFT cluster are highly efficient.

The SUV is equipped with electric power steering. The car has a front disc brake and a rear drum brake, which contributes to a high level of performance.

The steering has an excellent grip, which will make your driving experience more enjoyable and smooth.

According to the company, Renault Kiger’s (Petrol) mileage is 20 kilometres per gallon. However, it drops to 17.38 kilometres per gallon.

When driving the automobile in metropolitan areas, the statistic drops to 13 kmpl, far from the best in its segment.

Brakes & Suspension

Renault Kiger
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 16

When it comes to this small SUV, the brakes are rather impressive. It has a disc and drum combination, with ABS kicking in the anchors.

This allows the Renault Kiger to come to a complete stop in just 40.9 meters.

The vehicle is trustworthy and sturdy. They claim to give you a smooth ride, which is true.

Because of the McPherson set-up at the front end and a twist-beam at the back, the ride quality of this automobile is quite good.

It has reasonable body roll control and doesn’t let you feel any dive when braking hard.


Renault Kiger
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 17

This compact Suv is 3,991 mm in length, 1,750 mm in width, and 1,600 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,500 mm.

This car’s storage capacity is enormous. The car’s boot space is 405 litres, which is rather impressive and significant.

The automobile has a 205 mm ground clearance. The cabin of the Renault Kiger has a total capacity of 29 litres.

Safety Features

Renault Kiger specs
2021 Renault Kiger Now In Nepal. 18

The Renault Kiger receives a three-star rating in terms of safety. The vehicle is equipped with four airbags.

There are two airbags in the front and two on the sides. The vehicle also has ABS and EBD.

Parking sensors, a parking camera, and electronic stability control are all included.

The Renault Kiger was even built with a lightweight structure in mind. The freshly announced Kiger is built on the CMF-A + platform, which means it has a higher build quality.


Advance Automobile has not officially announced its price.

However, its value can be estimated to be a few thousand less than the Nissan Magnet. Probably the initial variant will be priced at Rs 29 lakhs.


Because it is a well-balanced family car, the Renault Kiger has good value.

For the money, the car delivers a lot of space. It’s a reasonably priced vehicle with good features, practicality, and gearbox, as well as gasoline engines.

Based on the car’s size, the price range is also pretty reasonable. But one thing is sure: you must take a test drive before deciding to purchase the vehicle.

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