A Refreshed Porsche 911 Coupe And Convertible Has Been Spied.

Refreshed Porsche 911 Spied – Overview

This huge gallery of photographs provides an in-depth look at the updated Porsche 911 in convertible and coupe forms.

There’s even a look at the interior of the new model.

The new 911 has a series of vertical slats in the lower inlets up front.

The car may actively manage and close these components based on the vehicle’s cooling requirements.

The lamps on the outer corners are only for these development models and will not be used in the final product.

The daytime running lights and turn signals, according to our spies, are underneath them.

A sensor is mounted on top of the passenger side A-pillar, and a cable runs into the front storage compartment of the convertible.

Refreshed Porsche 911 Spied
Refreshed Porsche 911 Spied

On the road, models of the coupe and droptop are equipped with mismatched wheels, with Y-shaped spokes in the front and a 10-spoke design in the back.

In these photographs, the 911 on the track has sensors on the wheels.

For vehicle dynamics research and gathering road load data, the Kistler RoaDyn measures the forces affecting each corner.

We can’t make any conclusions regarding the design because the rear bumper is covered.

However, the dual exhaust ports have been moved closer to the center of the tail.

The redesigned 911 features a fully digital instrument cluster, which replaces the current model’s traditional tachometer.

Refreshed Porsche 911 Spied
Refreshed Porsche 911 Spied- Pic: Motor1.com

The layout of the central console is the same. In addition, the infotainment screen appears to be the same size as the navigation screen.

The revised 911 range’s powertrain modifications are still a mystery.

However, we know that a hybrid will be added to the lineup.

According to Porsche, the electrically assisted model prioritizes performance above economy.

In addition, the battery is tiny to keep this variant from accumulating too much weight.

The first updated 911s are expected to arrive in the second half of 2022.

After that, it’s unclear whether the business will reveal all revised models simultaneously or one by one.

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Refreshed Porsche 911 Spied
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