Why Is Everyone Talking About R35-Generation Nissan GT-R Price In Australia?

R35-Generation Nissan GT-R Price In Australia.

The final batch of Nissan GT-Rs from the R35 generation has arrived in Australia, with the final example being the last Nissan with a noticeable Australian Design Rules compliance plate.

Here are the three major highlights of the R35-generation Nissan GT-R in Australia:

  • The last GT-R shipment to arrive in Australia was spotted discovered in Brisbane.
  • In millennium jade and midnight purple, there are a few T-Spec and NISMO SV variations.
  • In total, almost 50 vehicles landed.

Here is the R35-generation Nissan GT-R price in Australia

  • GT-R Premium: $ 193,800
  • GT-R Premium Luxury: $ 199,800
  • GT-R T-Spec: $ 256,700
  • GT-R NISMO: $ 378,000
  • GT-R NISMO SV: $ 393,800

R35-generation Nissan GT-R Overview

R35-Generation Nissan GT-R Price In Australia.
R35-Generation Nissan GT-R Price In Australia.

The R35-generation Nissan GT-R has reached the end of its journey in Australia, with the first Melbourne-bound example (and the last overall) of the final batch arriving and obtaining its compliance label, the previous physical compliance plate to grace a Nissan vehicle in the country.

According to Drive, the R35 GT-R had failed to meet the new Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for side-impact crashes, which took effect on November 1, 2021, for vehicles manufactured before November 2017 and which Nissan chose not to modify the legendary supercar to meet.

To commemorate the R35’s end in Australia, a final batch of roughly 50 cars was imported, including two unique versions, T-Spec and Nismo SV.

The first of the final batch to arrive in Melbourne. According to Nissan’s media bulletin, the last in the country, acquired its compliance plate in the city’s west on October 29, before being transferred to its new buyers.

Compliance plates certify that the vehicle they are attached complies with all Australian Design Rules and is registered for use on Australian roads.

Although ADR compliance has been recognized with a physical sticker or metal plate since 1989, with the recent introduction of new motor vehicle standards, this process will soon be entirely online, making this GT-R T-Spec the final Nissan vehicle in Australia to be fitted with a compliance plate.

The T-Spec and NISMO SV limited edition variants were offered significantly over the previous GT-R range, with prices starting at $256,700 and $393,800 before on-road charges, respectively.

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