QJmotor plans to release a pair of 700cc cruisers soon.

QJmotor New Cruiser – Overview

We recently learned about a pair of new QJmotor 700cc parallel-twin sportbikes that will be released soon, and now it looks that the same engine will be used in a cruiser design.

QJmotor is the Chinese-market bike brand manufacturing behemoth Qianjiang, which also owns Benelli and has Harley-Davidson and MV Agusta as partners.

Qianjiang produces 353cc and 500cc parallel-twin motorcycles for the former, effectively utilizing the same engines and frames for the QJmotor and Benelli brands.

In addition, Qianjiang makes the Lucky Explorer 5.5 for MV a more powerful version of the Benelli TRK 502.

The business has released two cruiser design concepts, both of which employ the same 75 horsepower, 693cc twin engine that’s already in use in a QJmotor roadster model and will soon be seen in the “701” and “701R” sportbikes.

Design & Aesthetic

QJmotor new cruiser
QJmotor new cruiser

The two new designs hint at a cruiser and a bagger from QJmotor, with the latter having a batwing fairing and a cut-down, low screen, as well as sweeping side bags that match the slope of the rear fender.

In contrast to the bagger’s forward-mounted highway pegs, the cruiser features a smaller nose fairing with no screen and pulled-back bars and footpegs.

Engine Specifications

QJmotor new cruiser
QJmotor new cruiser

The engine is nearly identical to the 693cc twin found in CFMoto’s 700CL-X, which was developed from the company’s previous 650cc Kawasaki-inspired twin.

Both designs appear to be built on the same steel tube frame, which is visually similar to the QJmotor Flash 500 cruiser powered by a small Benelli/Qianjiang 500cc twin.

The 693cc engine has different mounting places and dimensions, so it must have been redesigned, but the bikes show an unmistakable familial resemblance.

Of course, Qianjiang’s collaboration with Harley-Davidson begs the issue of whether the bikes may one day serve as the foundation for new H-D models.

So far, the Harley-Davidson 353cc and 500cc models have been spotted but have yet to be released; they are based on Qianjiang’s sportier, roadster-style bikes rather than its cruiser models.

The Benelli 302S is used in the 353cc variant, initially dubbed the Harley-Davidson 338R but is now recognized as the HD350.

Meanwhile, the HD500 model just spotted is built on the Benelli Leoncino chassis.

Given that Qianjiang already has dedicated cruiser models in both capacity classes, the V-twin-powered Flash 300 and the parallel-twin Flash 500, the Harley-Davidson models’ decision to be based on sportier street bikes rather than the company’s traditional cruiser market shows the Harleys aren’t targeting the company’s traditional cruiser market.

We’ve already seen Harley-attempts Davidson’s at 500cc and 750cc models, the Street 500 and Street 750, fail after only a few years.

They were phased out of the lineup in 2021, only seven years after the platform was introduced with a completely new water-cooled engine.

However, the company’s Chinese tie-in project, which involves outsourcing both manufacturing and development, is a low-risk method that requires significantly less capital than a new design from scratch.

Moreover, the new Qianjiang-made machines might be a success for the company, thanks to lower manufacturing costs and lower import charges when sold in China; thus, extending the arrangement to develop a 700 model might make sense.

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QJmotor new cruiser
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