Hurry Up-Proton Car Festive Discount!

Proton Car Festive Discount- Contact nearest car dealership or Main Showroon.

Jagdamba Motors has announced a plan to offer a financing facility to purchase a car at the cost of 0.99 percent.

When the market interest rate reaches 10/11 percent, the company has devised a strategy to provide loans at less than one percent interest.

The company’s initiative began on September 8 and will run until the end of the Chhath festival.

The company has revealed plans to attract customers who want to acquire Proton Saga and X70 models at lower borrowing rates when bank interest rates are changing.

Customers who purchase a car will be able to buy the Proton car of their choice within 48 hours after submitting the relevant documentation if the loan is approved.

Depending on their demands, customers will receive various interest rate plans ranging from 2.99 percent to 5.99 percent, 8.99 percent, and 11 percent.

According to the company, the lower the interest rate scheme, the larger the down payment.

The company’s Saga model starts at Rs 37.99 lakh, while the X70’s original model starts at Rs 86.99 lakh.

However, by introducing a festival-targeted strategy, the corporation is offering discounts.

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