Nissan Frontier Pickup With Whopping 400-HP V-8 Engine!

Nissan Frontier Pickup Overview

Nissan is all set to display this new Frontier for the SEMA show, which includes the full-size Titan’s 5.6 litres V-8 engine.

This means that the company Nissan is bringing the concept back to life with this customized Frontier. The package also includes a NISMO cold air intake.

Back when a pickup truck with the v-8 engine was widely available, those times were long gone.

Before we dig deeper, here are the major highlights of the New Nissan Frontier Pick-Up:

  • Nissan added cool features like great shocks for more absorbing capacity, the latest tyres and wheels that perfectly matched the exterior, and a winder track.
  • Nissan also added NISMO components for the pickup, like LED lighting and roof racks.
  • The company added a 3.8 litre, V-6 engine to the new Nissan Frontier.
  • Also, For this SEMA prototype, Nissan swapped the 400-hp, 5.6-litre V-8 from the Titan into a Frontier pickup.

Body & Aesthetics

Talking about its colour options, the numerous designs and sponsor stickers may be seen throughout the white, black, and red colour scheme.

The truck’s rock rails, roof rack, and LED lighting were provided by NISMO, and Warn manufactured its winch.

Engine Specifications

Nissan Frontier
Nissan Frontier

Thanks to its cat-back exhaust system, it will undoubtedly increase the audio drama.

The 400 HP & 413 pound-feet of torque produced by the Titan’s V-8 significantly improved over the Frontier’s basic 310 horsepower, 3.8-liter V-6.

Wheels, Suspension & Tyres

Nissan Frontier
Nissan Frontier

Nissan claims that the rear shocks increase the Frontier’s payload capacity.

Wider front fenders are required because of the wider track, and Bilstein coil overs and shocks enhance the ride height.

Mud-terrain tires are fitted on 18-inch wheels with spare tires mounted in the bed.

Except for the engine change, this concept truck is an off-road beast with Baja-inspired styling, a significantly altered suspension, and other additions from Nissan’s NISMO performance parts division.


While the V-8 engine beneath the hood is unlikely to make it into a production Frontier, NISMO will sell some of the components seen on this concept truck shortly.

The firm is also considering selling some prototype components in the future.

Nissan Frontier
Nissan Frontier

Does the Nissan Frontier come in a V8?

Let’s examine the Nissan Frontier truck’s performance in more detail. First, you can easily tow up to 10,000 pounds on any terrain or surface with an all-new 4.5L V8 engine (including sand, rocks, and grass). The new engine will generate 310 lb. ft. of torque and 300 horsepower.

Does the Nissan Frontier have a V6 or a V8 engine?

New Customized Nissan Frontier comes with a 3.6 litre, V-8 engine, which will be displayed at SEMA Show.

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Nissan Frontier
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