The Revolution Max 975 Engine Will Power the Next Harley-Davidson Sportster.

Next Harley Davidson Sportster – Overview

It is less than a week away from the formal unveiling of Harley-newest Davidson’s Sportster, but we’ve confirmed that the new model will employ a 975-cc Revolution Max engine.

Harley-Davidson has gradually divulged information on the new model, beginning with a teaser video and social media updates.

We’ve theorized that the new model would be powered by a smaller displacement version of the Sportster S’ Revolution Max 1250T engine, with details like the telescopic fork, twin rear shocks, and single front disc pointing to a less performance-oriented approach.

We assumed the canceled Bronx streetfighter would be a candidate for the next Sportster because it was scheduled to feature a 975cc version of the liquid-cooled engine.

Next Harley Davidson Sportster
The Revolution Max 975 Engine Will Power the Next Harley-Davidson Sportster. 3

We finally have proof that the 975 theory is correct, thanks to Harley-Davidson.

Variants RH975 and RH1250S are mentioned in an official product listing for billet aluminum mirrors from Harley-Wild Davidson’s One’s line, with both models requiring handlebar end caps.

Furthermore, RH models are Harley-new Davidson’s Revolution Max Sportsters, with the RH1250S being the Sportster S.

As a result, the RH975 must be the new model released on April 12.

It’s worth noting that, unlike the RH1250S, the RH975 model code does not end with “S.” The “S” denotes Harley-more Davidson’s performance-oriented models, such as the Sportster S and Low Rider S.

The absence of an S hints that the RH975 would be a good fit for the less performance-oriented variant teased in the teasers.

Next Harley Davidson Sportster
The Revolution Max 975 Engine Will Power the Next Harley-Davidson Sportster. 4

A new 975cc Sportster would fill a gap in Harley-portfolio Davidson’s desperately required. Harley-Davidson offers only one model with less than a liter displacement: the Iron 883.

The Iron 883 and the 1200cc Forty-Eight are two of the final air-cooled Sportsters to be phased out in Europe, leaving numerous territories without a basic model.

A new Euro 5-compliant liquid-cooled RH975 would fill that void.
When the Iron 883’s production run ends in the United States, it will be the eventual successor.

We expect the RH975 to be given a model name when released.

In 2021, Harley-Davidson applied for trademarks for the moniker “Nightster,” which was previously used for a 1200cc Sportster.

The name is a strong contender for the RH975, and the announcement’s landing page on is one of the top results in a Google search for the word “Nightster.”

We wouldn’t call this definitive confirmation, but the new model’s name, “Nightster 975”, wouldn’t surprise us.

We’ll know for sure when Harley-Davidson makes its official announcement on April 12.

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