The Shocking Revelation of New Mini Cooper.

New Mini Cooper Overview

New triangle taillights joined by a black trim piece will be the most noticeable visual change on the next Cooper Hardtop, which will appear in 2023.

The Mini Cooper will be overhauled shortly, with the first official look expected sometime next year. Camouflaged new-generation MINI Cooper cars have been spotted throughout Europe, but we finally got our first look at the new Mini in electric form this week.

Before we dive in, here are three significant highlights New Mini Cooper:

  • New spy photos show an unmasked prototype of the next-generation Mini Cooper Hardtop tested in China.
  • The front appearance is comparable to the existing model, but the taillights are now sharp and triangular, and the Union Jack symbol has been removed.
  • The next Cooper Hardtop will be released in 2023 and available with electric and gas engines.

Exteriors & Aesthetic 

New Mini Cooper
New Mini Cooper

The front end looks similar to the contemporary Cooper Hardtop, with the same bulldog-like face, large round headlights, and massive grille.

The prototype lacks exhaust pipes, and the grille appears to be mostly covered off, with only a small hole in the lower third, leading us to believe this is the electric version of the future Mini.

The spherical headlights haven’t changed, but the design has.

We also note flush door handles and new, triangle-shaped taillights, which significantly depart from the previous Minis’ Union Jack rectangular theme.

New Mini Cooper
New Mini Cooper

The most visible modification is the replacement of rectangular taillights with triangular units that appear to be free of the tacky Union Jack design.

The tailgate has a gloss-black trim that runs its length and connects the taillights, while the bumper has a simple, clean design.

What’s Inside The New Mini Cooper?

New Mini Cooper
New Mini Cooper

Even more profound alterations have occurred. We now have around, flat screen in the upper portion of the center console.

And what looks to be a head-up display in place of a gauge cluster behind the steering wheel is among the interior features.

The dashboard is minimalistic, with only a row of switches beneath the screen.

There is no gauge cluster above the steering wheel, indicating that the information is now kept in the center console or a pre-production vehicle without them.

There used to be a rounded display holding the infotainment system (or the speedometer in previous Mini Cooper models).

Date of Launch

The next-generation Mini Cooper Hardtop will launch in 2023, and a new Countryman SUV.

The electric Cooper will be constructed in China on a platform created jointly by BMW and Great Wall, while the gas-powered Cooper will be built in Oxford, England, most likely on an improved version of the present Cooper’s platform.

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New Mini Cooper
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