New Hummer EV emits 21 grams of carbon dioxide!

New Hummer EV – Overview

The GMC Hummer is a rugged EV to beat when it comes to excitement.

The new GMC Hummer is General Motors‘ demonstration of how far EV technology can be advanced.

Unfortunately, although this technological marvel offers outstanding capabilities and achievements, the GMC Hummer falls short of the pollution reductions promised by electric vehicles.

Every time the economy peaks, a brand-new, enormous Hummer appears and goes on sale just as the economy is going to enter a downturn.

It’s no secret that the Hummer moniker is more often linked to off-road decadence than the economy; yet, this time, the new GMC Hummer EV was slated to be the first ecologically friendly Hummer ever constructed thanks to its EV drivetrain.

New Hummer EV
New Hummer EV

The new GMC Hummer EV isn’t as green as it sounds, according to a study by ACEEE, a non-profit research organization dedicated to decreasing energy waste and counteracting the effects of climate change.

According to their findings, the new Hummer EV releases 341 grams more carbon dioxide per mile than the tiny Bolt EV, which emits 92 grams.

New Hummer EV
New Hummer EV

Although the Hummer EV’s figure is considerably greater than that of a smaller EV, it’s significant to remember that it is a specially designed performance vehicle intended to spark interest in electric trucks.

The Hummer EV is an enormously powerful machine.

However, the Hummer EV is not an eco-friendly car but only further distinguishes it as a genuine Hummer creation.

New Hummer EV
New Hummer EV

Compared to earlier Hummers like the gas-guzzling H1, the Hummer EV leverages EV technology to create a more capable vehicle while also cutting pollutants.

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New Hummer EV
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