Mercedes Vision AMG Predicts a Future of Electric Performance.

Mercedes Vision AMG – Overview

The German automaker’s performance division, Mercedes-AMG, has begun a dramatic makeover, moving away from the large-displacement engines that cemented its reputation for face-melting driving antics and toward reduced powertrains and hybridization.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the Vision AMG concept, which indicates the performance brand’s aim to transition to electric propulsion in the coming decade.
  • The streamlined body is draped over a long wheelbase, giving the car striking proportions.
  • The headlights are reminiscent of the Mercedes three-pointed star logo, while the taillights resemble fighter jet afterburners.
Mercedes Vision AMG
Mercedes Vision AMG

The turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 in the upcoming C63 AMG will be replaced with a turbo 2.0-liter inline-four hybrid.

However, AMG will soon be transitioning away from gas engines entirely.

The Vision AMG concept presented today offers a peek of the company’s all-electric future, which Mercedes claims will begin in 2025.

The Vision AMG has a long wheelbase and an attractive body with smooth, aerodynamic surfaces.

The back and side windows have been painted the same Alubeam silver color as the car’s body, enhancing the sleek appearance while limiting the windows’ capacity to function as windows.

Mercedes Vision AMG
Mercedes Vision AMG

The overall design is similar to the EQXX concept, and Mercedes claims there is an active rear spoiler.

However, none of the images show it being raised. Furthermore, Mercedes has released virtually little about the Vision AMG’s powertrain; other than that, it is electric and rides on the AMG chassis.

EA and the tiny, lightweight axial flux motors seen in the EQXX contain a high-performance, high-voltage battery.

While the body of the Vision AMG appears to be polished stone, the graphical accents give a lot of flairs.

The snout has a panel like the iconic AMG Panamericana grille, with LED light strips replicating the gas-powered cars’ vertical slats.

Mercedes Vision AMG
Mercedes Vision AMG

The central headlight units are connected by a thin light bar intended to resemble the Mercedes three-pointed star logo.

Meanwhile, the taillights include three cylindrical tubes that resemble a fighter jet’s incandescent afterburners and sit beneath an aggressive rear diffuser.

With silver paint, aqua accents, and a faint star design on the back half of the automobile, Mercedes tied the Vision AMG idea to its successful Formula 1 team.

The 22-inch wheels on the prototype also have a closed-off, aerodynamic design, similar to the wheel covers adopted for the 2022 Formula One season.

Mercedes hasn’t confirmed that the concept is a direct preview of a future AMG model.

Still, many of the design characteristics are expected to carry over when AMG goes electric in 2025.

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Mercedes Vision AMG

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