New 2022 Maserati Project24 | Full Review!

2022 Maserati Project24 – Overview

A new twin-turbo 3.0-litre V-6 engine and a sleek supercar design are introduced by the 2022 Maserati MC20, reviving a brand that has been dormant for some time due to an out-of-date lineup and parts-bin sharing with less expensive Stellantis marques.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Only 62 of the Maserati Project24’s track-only supercars, based on the MC20, will be produced.
  • Due to the addition of two new turbochargers, the Nettuno 3.0-liter V-6 engine in the MC20 has been modified to produce 740 horsepower, an increase of 119 horsepower.
  • With its carbon fibre body and monocoque, FIA-grade roll cage, vented Brembo brakes, and aggressive racing tires, the Project24 is designed with the track in mind.

The MC20 also has outstanding performance, with the Italian beauty reaching 60 mph in only 3.2 seconds and reaching a top speed of 202 mph thanks to the Nettuno V-6’s 621 horsepower.

Furthermore, with Maserati’s Project24, a track-only supercar with a crazy, angular appearance that is based on the MC20, the MC20 is going to become even more extreme.

Project24’s aggressive bodywork is likewise made of carbon fibre, and it is constructed around a carbon fibre monocoque.

Unfortunately, only three rendered photos of the Project24 have been released by Maserati, showing off its high rear wing, ankle-slicing front splitter, and slim LED headlamps and taillights.

In addition, the slinky two-door body is adorned with a boxy rear diffuser, centre-mounted dual exhaust pipes, and several scoops and vents.

New 2022 Maserati Project24 | Full Review!
Maserati Project24

The Project24 has the same Nettuno 3.0-liter V-6 as the MC20, but new turbochargers increase horsepower to an incredible 740 horsepower, an increase of 119 horsepower.

In addition, the six-speed sequential racing gearbox used in the MC20 is swapped out for an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

At the same time, the MC20’s electronically controlled limited-slip differential is replaced by a mechanical one.

The Project24 will have rear-wheel drive, just like the MC20, and Maserati wants to keep the dry weight under 2755 pounds, which would make it around 500 pounds lower than the MC20’s stated dry weight.

The Project24 will have 18-inch forged aluminum wheels fitted with slick racing tires and around two inches wider than its road-going sibling.

Ventilated Brembo brakes should provide extreme stopping power; the Project24 should be agile on the track thanks to an unequal-length control arm suspension with adjustable dampers and front and rear anti-roll bars.

Maserati Project24
Maserati Project24

Maserati Project24 has a roll cage installed within the cabin and is built to meet FIA safety standards.

Additionally, the inside will have carbon-fibre steering wheels with integrated displays, adjustable peddle boxes and steering columns, and racing seats with six-point harnesses.

Additionally, owners will have the choice of adding a tire-pressure monitoring system, an in-car camera, a rear-view camera, and telemetry recording.

Maserati Project24
Maserati Project24

The Project24 will have air conditioning, which is surprising for a racing car primarily concerned with reducing weight.

According to Maserati, there is no stated release date for Maserati Project24, which claims it will only produce 62 vehicles.

We currently have these renders, but pictures and other information should be available soon.

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Maserati Project24
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