Mansory Alters Ferrari Roma.

Mansory Modifies Ferrari Roma

  • Mansory, a German tuner known for radical alterations, has taken a look at the Ferrari Roma.
  • In Mansory’s version, the Roma has a lot of carbon fiber, a low-profile rear wing, and a massive diffuser.
  • The horsepower has been boosted to 710, while torque has been increased to 640 pound-feet, resulting in a slightly faster sprint to 62 mph and a claimed top speed of 206 mph.

Body & Aesthetic

Mansory Modifies Ferrari Roma
Mansory Alters Ferrari Roma. 4

Mansory isn’t known for subtlety. So while the tricked-out Ferrari Roma seen here may appear extreme compared to the essential sports car that rolls off the assembly line in Maranello, it’s pretty subtle by Mansory standards.

Following three modified Ferraris debuted last year: the 812 GTS, F8XX, and Portofino, Mansory’s “full conversion” for the Roma is the Company’s most recent innovation.

Mansory Modifies Ferrari Roma
Mansory Modifies Ferrari Roma

Carbon fiber abounds throughout Mansory’s Roma.

The hood is entirely constructed of lightweight material, with a black boomerang-shaped component reminiscent of the Ferrari 812 Competizione’s carbon blade.

The Company replaced Roma’s body-color egg-crate grille with black mesh.

The front bumper, fenders, and side skirts are adorned with carbon-fiber trim pieces, while the rear includes a moderate carbon wing and a protruding diffuser.

Red and black leather adorns the interior.

Engine Specs & Performance

Mansory Modifies Ferrari Roma
Mansory Alters Ferrari Roma. 5

On the other hand, Company hasn’t just decked the Roma in carbon-fiber trinkets.

Instead, the turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 engine produces roughly 100 more horsepower than the original Ferrari, with torque increasing to about 640 pound-feet from 561.

These engine changes, according to Mansory, raise top speed by7 mph to 206 mph, with the zero-to-62-mph sprint requiring 3.1 seconds, which is somewhat faster than previously.

Price & Date of Launch

Ferrari’s Roma starts with $222,620, but the tuner hasn’t announced the price for its customized version.

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