The Lucid Air OTA Software Update renders the car inoperable for the time being.

Lucid Air OTA Software Update – Overview

Lucid Air customers received a warning message that the upgrade had failed and the car might not be drivable after a recent over-the-air (OTA) software update that looked to struggle to commence.

Because the automobile was visibly dead, the warning message appeared on target.

While receiving warning signals in your new automobile can be alarming, problems with electronics are not unusual during software updates.

Cars rapidly evolve into the next generation of “screens” in our life.

Electric automobiles, in particular, appear to be much more like smartphones or computers on wheels than in the past.

On the Lucid Owners Forum, Air owner Alex reported the problem.

It was for software update version 1.2.6, released on Friday, June 10, 2022.

After starting the upgrade and waiting three or four hours, Alex’s Air electric automobile displayed the following warning message:

Lucid Air OTA Software Update
Lucid Air OTA Software Update

The Lucid EV went entirely dead due to the circumstances, according to Alex.

He couldn’t open the doors, and the OTA update didn’t appear to have been installed.

It was 0 percent complete, according to the Air.

Furthermore, the Lucid’s owner had to physically enter the vehicle through the trunk to open the doors.

Alex claims he contacted Lucid Customer Care, but they couldn’t assist him immediately, save from informing the Lucid team of the OTA update issue.

Surprisingly, the car started up again approximately an hour after the call.

The alarms on the Air went off, and the key fob stopped the alarms and unlocked the doors, according to Teslarati.

Lucid Air OTA Software Update
Lucid Air OTA Software Update

However, the problem warning remained on the EV’s display.

The owner of Air got into the automobile and tried Drive and Reverse, both of which appeared to work.

Then, lucid called to say it would try again with the software upgrade.

It, too, failed, and Alex was told that a Lucid mobile technician would contact him and schedule an appointment to inspect the vehicle.

The issue eventually resolved itself. After two failed OTA software update attempts, the car was charged overnight and appeared to be back to normal the next morning.

Lucid Air OTA Software Update
Lucid Air OTA Software Update

The messages mentioned above remained in the Air’s mobile app but not on the in-car display.

This is another issue that is becoming more widespread in contemporary autos. It’s not something you want to see and might leave you stranded somewhere.

Knowing there’s a risk it could happen will, at the very least, prepare you.

We’ll update this article or create a new one if and when more information about the issue becomes available.

Meanwhile, we’ve contacted Lucid for an official response.

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Lucid Air OTA Software Update
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