Lotus Primes Type 133 Saloon Will Compete Against Porsche Taycan.

Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon – Overview

Lotus will now focus on preparing its second Chinese-built ‘lifestyle’ EV, the Type 133 saloon, for sale in 2023, after unveiling its critical Eletre SUV.

Type 133, which will be given the letter ‘E’ in production form, would provide Lotus a more direct competitor to the enormously successful Porsche Taycan, which company leaders said was one of the vital benchmarking inspirations while creating the Eletre, despite the two cars’ differing positionings.

According to Kershaw, the suspension innovations – “active roll control, CDC [continuous damping control], air-sprung independent, active rear steer, and active aero,” clearly distinguish the aluminum Electric Premium Architecture as the Geely Group’s more dynamically oriented platform.

Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon
Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon

He also stated that “everything we intend to accomplish” with future electric cars has been “package-protected,” implying that Type 133 will follow suit with a similar setup.

“All that technology is required for our type of car that we want to drive as well as it looks,” he stated, implying that Lotus Technology’s ‘lifestyle’ positioning of EVs in Wuhan, China, will not sacrifice driver engagement.

More information on Type 133 is scarce, but employing the Eletre’s 592bhp twin-motor drivetrain would place the saloon squarely against the Porsche Taycan GTS, with plenty of room above and below for both softer and more hardcore upgrades to the lineup.

Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon
Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon

Lotus managing director Matt Windle said that 592bhp is “where we’re starting from – there’s more to come” from Lotus electric vehicles.

The Type 133’s design is nearing completion, in keeping with Lotus’s desire to shorten product development timeframes, but it will not simply be a lower-slung Eletre.

According to Lotus senior vice-president of design Peter Horbury, while “there has to be some consistency and family character” across the Lotus EV lineup, “families aren’t constructed primarily of triplets or quadruplets.” Instead, each family member can have their distinct personality.”

Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon
Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon

Type 133 is projected to take design ideas from the Eletre while maintaining its own identity, albeit one that is still highly influenced by Lotus’s obsession with aerodynamic efficiency.

The ‘ideal’ three-car garage for Lotus

According to managing director Matt Windle, Lotus currently has three dramatically different models on the market, who believes that diversification will be a significant factor in attracting conquest buyers to the brand.

“You can own a Lotus for every phase of your life,” Windle added.

That’s something new, and we’re hoping that people buy into the brand and understand what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The Lotus Emira’s production lines are being decommissioned for summer delivery. The Lotus Evija will arrive a few months later.

At the same time, deliveries of the Eletre, for which 20% of the deposit goal had already been completed before the reveal, will begin next year.

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Lotus primes Type 133 Saloon
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