Everything You Need To Know About Lexus EV SuperCar.

Lexus EV Supercar | What We Know So Far!

Lexus is working on an electric supercar that will be the successor to the LFA and will be released in 2030.

The car shown in concept form as part of the surprise revelation of 15 new Toyota and Lexus EV concepts will be one of the EVs launched by Lexus as it transitions away from combustion engines.

Here are the three major highlights of Lexus LFA

  • Lexus has unveiled an electric supercar concept that it claims would carry on the essence of the famous LFA with its V-10 engine.
  • Lexus hasn’t given the concept a name, but it will hit 60 mph in the “low 2-second range,” according to the manufacturer.
  • According to Lexus, the electric supercar has a theoretical range of 435 miles and will be powered by solid-state batteries.
Lexus EV Supercar
Lexus EV Supercar


Everything You Need To Know About Lexus EV SuperCar.
Lexus EV Supercar

Lexus claims that the “secret sauce” from that V-10–powered supercar will be carried over to this upcoming EV sports car.

That’s a bold boast, but Lexus’ preliminary performance stats are impressive. It claims this model will hit 60 mph in the “low 2-second range” and have a driving range of roughly 435 miles thanks to solid-state batteries.

Lexus EV Supercar
Lexus EV Supercar

Although we don’t have a name for this new vehicle other than “Electrified Sport,” and these photographs show a concept version, it appears to be close to production.

There’s no spindle grille, and the low-slung profile is evocative of the Toyota FT-1 concept.

By 2030, Lexus will provide an EV in every segment. And by then, it will only sell electric cars in China, Europe, and North America, with ICE car sales ending entirely.

“A battery-electric sports car that inherits the driving taste, or secret sauce,’ of the performance cultivated through the development of the LFA,”

As part of a push to emphasize the Japanese brand’s dynamic focus, the knowledge acquired from constructing this car will be used to other future Lexus EVs.

“With the creation of the new sports battery EV, the never-ending quest of the Lexus driving signature will advance to the next level,” said Koji Sato, Lexus’ chief branding officer. It will be a model that “symbolizes the brand’s future,” he stated.

The supercar concept has been identified as a potential early adopter of solid-state batteries, which Toyota recently announced plans to use in production EVs by the middle of the decade.

However, the company will use solid-state batteries in hybrid vehicles to “test and evaluate the technology” before expanding to pure-electric cars.

The idea bears no resemblance to any Lexus car currently on the market with a tall bonnet and a unique cab-rear shape.

With low-profile tyres, a visible aerodynamics package, gaping air intakes, and even a red tow strap at the front, it’s a hardcore plan.

The RZ crossover, Lexus’ first bespoke EV, will be officially unveiled in the coming months, with a market debut scheduled for mid-2022.

In near-production-ready condition, the SUV was showcased alongside the supercar.

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Lexus EV Supercar
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