Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender is Mint Flavored!

Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender

The original Land Rover combined the ride qualities of a tractor with the luxuries of a tin garden shed when it was introduced to a driving public used to post-World War II austerity.

Here are the major highlights:

  • The Series I, the original Land Rover, was unveiled to the public at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show, and it will be 75 years old next year.
  • The 75th Limited Edition, a commemorative Defender model, will have two- and four-door body styles but only the 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-six engine.
  • A folding fabric roof and an 11.4-inch touchscreen are standard features, but the Grasmere Green colour is unique to this model and is its distinguishing characteristic.
Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender
Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender

As a result, it could be used for anything from farm work to cross-country travel, like a Wellington boot on wheels.

As a result, a strong sense of British grit can be felt in early Land Rover. Possibly a tiny oil slick as well.

The 90 and 110 trims, Land Rover’s names for the shorter two-door and the longer four-door models, will be offered for the 75th Limited Edition.

However, no matter how many doors there are, the P400 class 3.0 litre inline-six will power each one.

This hybrid engine’s output is 395 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. It is turbocharged and supercharged.

Naturally, on-demand four-wheel drive is included as standard, as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender
Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender

The Defender 75th Limited Edition‘s basic interior design combines luxury and off-road functionality.

To bring in more natural light, there is a retractable folding fabric canopy, and the centre console has trim made of durable material.

The 75th also receives a head-up display, an improved radio, heated seats, a steering wheel, and an 11.4-inch touchscreen for infotainment purposes.

The colour, Grasmere Green, is what makes a statement.

This colour is directly homage to the first Land Rovers and was last seen on the Heritage Edition Defenders.

Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender
Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender is Mint Flavored! 4

It’s much lighter and less metallic than other greens prevalent in the automotive landscape, more resembling a semi-institutional colour you might find in a 1950s British hospital.

The green colour is seen on the painted wheels and interior elements of the 75th Limited Edition.

On wheels, it is still a Wellie. But an adorable one. Pricing is anticipated to be revealed soon.

What is the rarest Land Rover Defender?

You are seeing a very uncommon Land Rover. It’s one of the rarest factory-built Defenders ever. Moreover, it is one of only 534 1993 Land Rover NAS Defender 110s produced expressly for the American market.

Does the Defender hold its value?

According to experts, Defender prices could hold up well if you get one at the correct price, model, or specification because demand is still relatively high, notably abroad and in Austria (where the cars are particularly pricey).

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Land Rover 75th Anniversary Defender
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