All-New KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle-This Is It!

KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle – Overview

KTM, a well-known Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, is getting ready to enter the electric bike market alongside its sibling brand Husqvarna.

The company has recently announced the arrival of an electric KTM Duke.

The E-Duke will be the Austrian manufacturer’s first ‘real’ electric motorcycle to arrive.

The Pierer group has been working on electric technology for a few years now.

KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle
KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle

Still, most of the critical breakthroughs have come from Husqvarna, which is poised to release two new electric models this year in the form of the E-Pilen motorcycle and the Vektorr scooter.

However, the Austrian automotive giant’s orange division plans to join in the fun with a leaked document from a model development meeting outlining plans for the KTM E-Duke.

Battery & Power

KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle
KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle

The E-Duke will be based on the E-Pilen and will have the same 10Kw powerplant and 5.5kW battery, but we don’t know much about the impending electric bike from KTM.

Although, thanks to its collaboration with Bajaj, it is expected to be constructed in India.

The E-Duke will compete directly with items like the Tork Kratos R, which is currently the most influential electric motorcycle in India, with these characteristics.

While the Tork Kratos R has a 4kWh battery pack, the e-Duke will directly compete with the Simple One (4.8 kWh motor) and Ola S1 Pro (3.97 kWh motor) in the rest of the segment.

When comparing the power of the e-Duke to that of the Duke125, it will be able to provide almost equal power and torque ratings (14.5 Bhp).

However, with that said, KTM has stated that they have no immediate plans, and we anticipate a lengthy testing period.

Husqvarna motorcycles, which are developing e-Pilen, are shaking hands with KTM.

KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle
KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle

The KTM e-Duke will be the electric motorcycle’s counterpart. e-Pilen is also in the development phase, with the same mechanicals and the ability to achieve similar power figures.

The new e-Pilen will be designed in the same bare-design language as its gasoline brethren, keeping with Husky tradition.

The e-Duke will, as predicted, take design ideas from its gasoline-powered siblings. In true KTM fashion, the sharp front end will be combined with an upright riding posture and a semi-naked rear shape.

We assume that most of the mechanical underpinnings of e-Duke and e-Pilen will be identical because they are being developed simultaneously.

Both products will include the trellis frame, upside-down forks, and rear offset mono-shock suspension.

Husqvarna is anticipated to release electrified goods with capacities ranging from 4 to 10 kWh.

The Bajaj-KTM partnership, on the other hand, is working on a comparable range of electric two-wheelers.

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KTM Duke Electric Motorcycle
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