The Latest Jeep Wranglers Price In Nepal.

2021 Jeep Wrangler Price In Nepal & Their Specs Details.

An expensive SUV-Wrangler of American brand Jeep has entered the Nepali market.

US Ambassador and Managing Director of MAW Group of Companies Vishnu Kumar Agrawal unveiled the SUV at a function in Nepal on Thursday.

Jeep is an automobile company that was founded in 1941. According to the firm, some Jeep models are manufactured in India, and others are imported directly from the United States.

Jeep Wrangler Price In Nepal

Life Automobiles under MAW sells and distributes Jeep brand vehicles in Nepal. The Jeep Wrangler will be available in three different variants in the Nepali market.

  1. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara is priced at Rs 2.67 crores.
  2. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is priced at Rs 2.68 crores.
  3. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon is priced at Rs 2.79 crores.

Variants and Engine Specifications

There are two types of Jeep-Wrangler available in the Nepali market with two doors and four doors.

These vehicles have a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine with an 8-speed automatic.

All these vehicles are trial-rated and are available with four low modes and more than 70 safety features.

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The Jeep Wrangler has a 7-slot front grille, wheel arch, headlamps, square taillights, four-frame removable door, roof, and fall-down windscreen.

All of this has made the Jeep-Wrangler iconic, and its four-by-four capability has made the Jeep a ” Legend Forever,” the company said.

The company has stated that the Wrangler vehicle was imported directly from the United States.

Now let’s dig down into more details.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

Jeep Wrangler Price in Nepal
The Latest Jeep Wranglers Price In Nepal. 6

First, we take on the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, priced at Rs 2.67 crores in Nepal.

Underneath the hood, this utilizes a 3.6, 6 cylinder engine equipped with an e-torque system.

This engine delivers 285 Hp and a 260 pound-feet of max torque.

It is mated with 8-speed automatic transmission and sends the power to all four-wheel wheels through the four-wheel-drive system.

It has a kerb weight of 1995.806 kg and running on a 25.5-gallon fuel tank.

The overall length of this SUV is 188.4 inches, with a wheelbase of 118.4 inches. It has a total width of 73.9 inches with a height of 73.6 inches.

The max towing of this vehicle is 3500 pounds (1587.5 kgs) with a payload of 1200 pounds (544.3 kgs).

The off-road approaching angle is around 42 degrees, with breakover at 21 degrees and departure at 36 degrees.

At the same time, the overall ground clearance is 10 inches (254 mm).

Jeep Wrangler Price in Nepal
The Latest Jeep Wranglers Price In Nepal. 7

You can see the traditional 7 bars at the front grille, which does feature a silver trim.

However, it also features LED headlights and LED daytime running lights.

It comes with more silver trim within the headlight housing, and that trim even carries over to its front bumper.

In addition, it comes with LED fog lights on each side and includes black toe hooks on the upper portions.

There’s a manual hood release lever on each side of the hood and nice body lining going over all around the hood.

From the side profile, it has a boxy aesthetic design which gives it an old-school rugged appearance.

However, this particular spec features the sky one-touch power-operated roof with a power-retractable soft top in the center portion.

It will automatically retract, giving you miles of headroom and gives the interior an open design.

In addition to that roof, the rear windows are removable, as well as the door panel, so that you can have that open topfreedom experience in this Wrangler.

This Sahara is also featuring a set of 18-inch aluminum wheels. They’re finished in a two-tone machine- silver/metallic gray and wrapped in a Wrangler tyre.

Making our to the rear end, we can see the boxy design carrying its way to the back, giving it that charming design.

It also has a set of 3-dimensional looking taillights, finished off with red housing.

Then it has this black rear bumper with four parking sensors integrated into it. There’s also a trailer hitch right in the center with all the electric controls to the left and then a metal tow hook on the left side.

Finally, we have the fifth full-sized spare tyre mounted on the swing gate with a standard backup camera right in the center.

And then it has an adjustable third brake light right above that with the wiper blade integrated behind this.

Then on the left side of the tyre, you will get the release handle, a lock button, and a cap for the fuel filler.


Jeep Wrangler Price in Nepal
The Latest Jeep Wranglers Price In Nepal. 8

This Wrangler is finished off with a black leather interior. You’ll see some silver accents as well as white stitching.

If we look at the door panel, it’s finished off in black, and also get black leather on the armrest with padding and contrast stitching.

There’s a grab handle on the top and another grab handles down low to make it a lot easier to remove these door panels.

Upfront, there’s a lock and unlock as well as a release handle with mirror controls. Also, there’s a little bit of storage net down below.

You’ll see manual control on the side of the seat. The seat is all blacked with contrast stitchings with Sahara embroidered into the backrest.

The steering wheels are finished off with black leather with silver accents. Taking a look at the gauge cluster, it has a tack on the left side with the gear and speedometer on the right side.

You can find an LCD screen right in the center with the fuel level and engine temperature.

We can see much different information like off-road modes, pitch, roll, drivetrain, fuel economy with trip information, etc.

There’s a cruise control setting on the steering on its right side while Bluetooth and audio control on its left.

There’s a turn signal stock and a high beam on the left, and over on the right side, there’s a windshield wiper control.

In addition, you can find headlight control on the left side of steering wheels and interior lighting.

It gets an 8.4 inch LCD touchscreen infotainment display screen.

It’s a beautiful display with a lot of HD graphics. It is straightforward to control everything.

The touchscreen is very smooth that includes features like dual-zone climate with different modes.

We can go under many different items like heated seats and steering wheels. We can tap for the back camera and see how everything looks.

It also comes with navigation with maps, and if you go through its setting, you will find a lot of different information. Beneath the screen, you will see manual climate control and volume buttons.

Right in the center console, you’ll see a gear selector, which is finished off with black leather.

It has a manual four-wheel-drive wheel drive controller and a manual parking brake.

2021 Wrangler Rubicon

The Latest Jeep Wranglers Price In Nepal.
The Latest Jeep Wranglers Price In Nepal. 9

The 2021 Wrangler Rubicon weighs around 4400 pounds (1996 kgs) and has 21.1 gallons of fuel tank.

The average fuel economy of this vehicle is 19 miles (8kmpl) in the city and ten kmpl out on the highway.

It has an overall length of 188.6 inches with a wheelbase at 118.4 and 73.8 of width while the height is 78.6.

The Wrangler Rubicon is a fantastic off-roader. It gets an approach angle of 44 degrees with a break-over at 23 degrees.

The departure is 37 degrees, and the minimum ground clearance is 10.8 inches. The payload is 1300 pounds.

The Wrangler Rubicon has very traditional classic looking looks and design with seven vertical slots at the front.

It has halogen headlights with a cool Jeep icon on its side profile. In addition, it gets LED side indicators with a stylish design.

It comes with a plastic bumper up front, and a metal option is also available.

In addition, it has halogen fog lights with Rubicon written along with its hood.

It has a power dome shape, a stylish bump on the center, fake vents on the side, and an excellent trim piece making it look beautiful.

It has a rubber bumper on the front, and you can actually fold down the windshield, and it safely fit on there, so you don’t damage anything.

Looking at the wheels, it has the old-school jeep logo on its alloy wheel.

You will get the 17 inches two-tone design along with the off-road tyres.

The overall side profile has a classic Jeep look with a very squared-off rear end.

At the back, the trailer hitch down below with another red tow hook. It has a full-size spare tyre and backup camera attached to the center.


Jeep Wrangler Price in Nepal
The Latest Jeep Wranglers Price In Nepal. 10

The interior of the Rubicon is somewhat similar to Sahara, which has a perfect amount of space.

The passenger row comes with air vents, window controls, USB three pongs, two cup holders, a storage area, and lovely accessories.

You will get the speaker and dome light inside the roof.

You will get the beautiful blacked stitching leather seat with a honeycomb pattern on the front seat.

It also has a Rubicon logo on the seat. It has a red trim that goes all around the dash. In the front row of the passenger seat, there’s a nice grab handle for off-roading.

On the center, you’ll get the medium size of 7.4 inches display screen. It gets a lot of different controls for radio, media, apple car play, climate control, and many other apps.

Down below, you’ll get physical buttons for climate controls, which give that perfect touch. There’s a window control in the center.

You’ll get a control button on the steering with nine different menus. Yes, the lovely interior overall.

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