By 2028, a Hyundai Flying Car might be flying over American skies.

Hyundai Flying Car – Overview

Since the 1970s, flying automobiles have been hailed as the future wave, but despite numerous businesses claiming to have cracked the secret, they have only ever produced a few functional prototypes.

As a result, independent entrepreneurs like Terrafugia and PAL-V are now up against new competition from industry behemoths like Uber and Airbus to find a solution to the flying car dilemma.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Supernal, a division of Hyundai, has unveiled its eVTOL Vehicle Cabin concept, which shows the interior of a flying shuttle’s passenger cabin.
  • The entertainment and lighting systems used in the car industry served as design cues for the eVTOL’s interior, which also used eco-friendly materials.
  • Meanwhile, a different Hyundai company is developing a longer-range hydrogen-powered shuttle that Supernal expects to launch in the United States by 2028.
By 2028, a Hyundai Flying Car might be flying over American skies.
hyundai flying car

To concentrate on the so-called “Advanced Air Mobility market,” Hyundai established a U.S.-based company called Supernal in November as part of its significant investment in the emerging sector.

At the Farnborough International Airshow in England, Supernal has now shown its eVTOL Vehicle Cabin idea, showcasing a possible design for the passenger area of its planned intra-city air shuttle.

For the development of its eVTOL cabin idea, Supernal collaborated with Hyundai’s studios to draw influence from automobile design.

hyundai flying car
hyundai flying car

Five people can fit within the pod, which has a lightweight carbon fiber frame.

In addition, a deployable control center modeled after the center consoles found in automobiles is a part of each “ergonomically shaped” seat.

hyundai flying car
hyundai flying car

A charging station and a little storage space are provided for each passenger.

The lighting changes throughout the journey and resembles the sunroof on a car.

Grab grips on the doors and seatbacks of the eVTOL make getting in and out of the vehicle simpler. Supernal also emphasizes the environmentally friendly architecture of the eVTOL idea, which features interior components made of bio-based leather, reinforced thermoplastic, recyclable carbon fiber, and recycled plastic cloth.

By 2028, a Hyundai Flying Car might be flying over American skies.
hyundai flying car

According to Supernal, the eVTOL is being certified for commercial usage in the United States to begin in 2028, with intentions to introduce the aircraft in Europe shortly after.

The eVTOL from Supernal is just one of a family of electric air vehicles being developed by Hyundai.

For example, a mid-sized flying car fuelled by hydrogen is currently being developed by Hyundai’s Korean subsidiary for use in intercity shuttle services for both passengers and goods.

But that launch isn’t anticipated to happen until the 2030s.

We won’t be holding our breath, even though Hyundai undoubtedly has more resources than many of the entrepreneurs that have attempted to commercialize the flying car.

hyundai flying car
hyundai flying car

What is the price of a flying car?

Whatever name it goes by, it’s evident that the Jetson ONE is only meant for a particular group of people. For a toy, its $92,000 price tag is obscenely high. Although the company has sold out of all of the 2022 manufacturing, it is still accepting orders for 2023. Are you itching to board a Jetson One eVTOL? Feb

Does a flying car exist right now?

Although more deliveries are planned for 2023, it is already sold out for 2022. You can book one online with a $22,000 down payment if you’re interested. Yet more exists. It comes in a half-built kit form, so you must finish it at home.

What is the price of the AeroMobil flying car?

Although AeroMobil isn’t giving precise pricing, estimates suggest it will be between $1.3 million and $1.6 million.

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hyundai flying car
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