New 2024 Hydrogen-Powered Honda CRV – What We Know So Far!

2024 Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV – Overview

Honda will restart making the popular CR-V crossover in Ohio in 2024, giving the hydrogen fuel-cell car another chance.

This new model will have a unique feature that will allow it to deliver a short amount of electric-only range without relying on its hydrogen supply: a plug-in battery pack.

It will replace the Clarity Fuel Cell, a hydrogen-powered vehicle offered in California from 2017 to 2020. But before we dive into details, 

Here are the major highlights:

  • CR-V will now be available with fuel cells in upcoming years.
  • Although the new CR-V seems to have few external design modifications, it will resemble the normal CR-V.
  • The new Honda CR-V will be made in the United States. The Company has announced that this vehicle will be launched with hydrogen fuel.

Design & Aesthetics

Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV
Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV

The exterior and interior of this fuel-cell vehicle will be identical to the standard CR-V, except for minor visual differences like badging, trim, and possibly new headlights and taillights.

To power the electric motor, it does this by converting liquid hydrogen into energy.

This fuel-cell system is thought to be an advancement over the powertrain of the original Clarity and uses 80% less platinum.

Interior Design

The CR-boxier V’s SUV design should aid with interior packaging as the powertrain fits totally under the hood, similar to the Clarity.

As a result, the gas model’s extensive five-seat internal configuration should be kept.

However, because the hydrogen tank will be located in the back, there may be less room for baggage.

Power & Performance

Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV
Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV

Although this is general info about the new powertrain, we know it will include a new power unit created in collaboration with General Motors.

The idea of a plug-in hydrogen vehicle is novel, and Honda claims that owners can recharge the CR-battery V’s pack in the same way as a plug-in hybrid or an electric vehicle.

As fuel-cell cars only have modest battery packs, this won’t likely provide you with a lot of driving range, but it might give you a little more flexibility, at least within the city, if you suddenly need a little extra range or need to get to a gas station.

Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV – Availability

Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV
Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV

The Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo are the only hydrogen vehicles offered in the United States, and the fuel-cell CR-V will join them.

As it gets ready to begin producing this new model in 2024, Honda will probably provide more details and specifications over the upcoming year.

How much is the price of a hydrogen fuel tank?

According to Shannon Martin, a certified insurance agent, the average price of hydrogen fuel is $16 per kilogram; thus, filling up a Toyota Mirai might be rather expensive. Since the Mirai typically holds 5 pounds, your cost would be about $80.

Which cars utilize hydrogen fuel?

Fuel cell electric vehicles run on hydrogen (FCEVs). They only emit warm air and water vapour, have zero tailpipe emissions, and are more energy-efficient than cars with traditional internal combustion engines. The deployment of FCEVs and the necessary hydrogen infrastructure is still in its early stages.

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Hydrogen Powered Honda CRV
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