Husqvarna’s First EV Scooter- Vektorr Concept Debuts.

Husqvarna Scooter ‘Vektorr’ Is Likely To Make Its Official Launch Along With The Husqvarna E-Pilen Electric Motorbike In 2022.

Pierer Mobility, the parent company for Husqvarna, KTM, R Raymon bicycles, and GasGas, has announced that their first Husqvarna EV scooter will be ready by 2022.

The company named their new EV scooter ‘Vetorr’ while its official launch has been delayed and postponed to the upcoming year.

It has been reported that the Vektorr will be based on Bajaj’s Chetak scooter since the Bajaj Company will be manufacturing the Husqvarna EV scooter at the Bajaj Auto plant near Pune, India.

Bajaj and Husqvarna, both companies, have been together in business for almost 15 years now and have been making KTM brands and currently Husqvarna bikes for sale in India and export markets.

Husqvarna scooter could first launch in European markets, then after, it will be sold in Indian markets.

Since Bajaj has recently hiked the price of the Chetak scooter, the cost of the Husqvarna EV scooter price can be on the higher side.

Bajaj is presently planning to expand production capacity for their Husqvarna, KTM and Bajaj Chetak brands.

The idea is to grow production by 5 lakh units yearly, in the first level.

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Before we dive into more details, here are three major highlights of the Husqvarna scooter (Vektorr).

  1. The official launch of the Husqvarna EV scooter has been postponed. 
  2. The Vektorr will be based on the Bajaj Chetak EV scooter.
  3. Husqvarna is likely to launch its first EV motorbike in 2022.
Husqvarna scooter
Husqvarna scooter

Speaking about Husqvarna scooter “The Vektorr Model is the first EV scooter built by Husqvarna Motorbikes and is intended directly at the urban customer who demands a solid, trendy, and actual personal vehicle result to suitable their hectic life.”

Husqvarna's First EV Scooter- Vektorr Concept Debuts.
Husqvarna scooter

The Husqvarna scooter-Vektorr gets stylish headlights at the front side and carries a typical Husqvarna style and aesthetic.

It has got a single wide seat, a comfortable riding experience for both rider and pillion.

Husqvarna scooter
Husqvarna scooter

It gets a disc brake at the front wheel while a drum brake at the rear.

Both front and rear side comes equipped with a single spring suspension.

Husqvarna scooter
Husqvarna scooter

Alloy wheels seem bigger; the report shows that the final products could get 12-inch alloy at both ends.

The Similarity Between Husqvarna Vektorr and Bajaj Chetak

Husqvarna scooter
Husqvarna scooter

Since the new Husqvarna Vektorr will be based on the Bajaj Chetak scooter, numerous mechanisms between these two EVs will be similar.

The Husqvarna Vektorr will be driven by an electric motor of a 4kW, comparable power figure that Bajaj Chetak delivers.

Husqvarna Company also reported that they are in the process of building a usual EV platform that will be able to put up motors ranging between 4kW and 10kW.

Husqvarna scooter
Husqvarna scooter

India will be making all these models, which is based on the same platform.

Bajaj Chetak is currently sold in the Indian markets.

Bajaj Chetak has a similar specs just like in Husqvarna Vektorr.

Similarities like front disc brake and rear drum, no swappable battery options, provides a complete range of 95 km and single spring suspension, which will also be available in Vektorr EV.

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