New Honda CRF300L & CRF300L Rally-Now In Nepal.

2021 New Honda CRF300L & CRF300L Rally Overview

  1. Honda CRF will be coming with 300cc more and also with some new exciting features.
  2. Honda’s entry-level dual sports get more CCs and other updates for 2021.
  3. Last November 2020, Thailand declared the same improvement for 2021 to its Honda CRF250L dual-sport line. 

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Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally
Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally

And that’s been said; it now includes a 36 cc which is a 15 percent increase in engine displacement.

Similarly, Europe obeyed the same suit last December 2020, proclaiming that the upcoming Honda will develop their new CRF300L and CRF300 Rally.

United States market received the same confirmation that the new models will be coming to their needs.

  • Honda CRF300L 2021 Price MSRP: $5,249
  • Honda CRF300L ABS Price MSRP: $5,549
  • 2021 Honda CRF300L Rally: $5999 MSRP
  • 2020 Honda CRF250L Rally ABS: $6299 MSRP

Honda CRF250L, when first launched back in 2012, since then it has provided an overall value in the less displacement dual-purpose classification.

After 2017, CRF250L Rally joined, featuring Dakar Rally looks and focusing on extended range adventures.

Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Engine
Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Engine

This year 2021, Honda has prepared both of these models with new upgrades, supported by the latest more giant capacity power plant and connected with a lighter chassis, producing an enhanced power to weight ratio.

Talking about its engine specifications, the European version is rated maximum power 26.9 HP @ 8,500 rpm with a maximum torque of (26.6Nm) @ 6,500 rpm. 

The version scheduled for the Southeast Asian market is slated to have more mounts at 31 horsepower.

Specifically for the Asian market, Honda has offered a new 300 cc segment engine in the CRF, comparing only 250 cc in the previous models.

These new models of CRF will get an approximately 286 cc capacity, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine.

The Asian version of Honda CRF will be producing 27.32 PS at 8500rpm of power & 26.6 Nm at 6500 rpm of peak torque.

Both of these CRF models will be riding on a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch.

Here are the major features of Honda CRF300L:

  • Redesigned Steel Frame
  • Halogen Headlamp, Halogen Indicators
  • Halogen Taillights
  • Engine Counter Balancer
  • CRF450R Inspired Bodywork
  • Handguards (in CRF300L Rally)
  • Wraparound Skid Plates (For Rally)
  • New LCD Digital Meter
  • Polished Black Rims
  • Dual LED Headlamp (For Rally)
  • Motocross-Style Seat
  • Dual Disc Braking
  • Inverted Front Fork/Pro-Link Rear Suspension
  • Rally Bike Styling (For Rally)
  • Dual-Channel ABS

So what might be the significant changes for the new 2021 CRF Models?

This new model with 286cc, with DOHC 4-Valve single-cylinder engine, undoubtedly gets increased power and torque across the rev range.

It now gets the newly revised air intake, new inlet cam timing, and also exhaust system improving its engine breathing pattern.

On the other hand, the Slipper clutch supports the back wheel, provides 20% less load at the lever, and offers smooth downshifts.

Talking about its gear performance, the initial five gears enhance the higher power and torque benefits, whereas the last sixth gear is made for extra hassle-free high-speed cruising.

2021 Honda CRF300L Specs

Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Specs
Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Specs

These new Honda motorcycles now get the semi-double-cradle steel frame, bottom yoke, and aluminum swingarm, weighing 4 kg less than previous CRF250 models and features a revised stiffness balance with a more sideways bend for improved response and experience.

The bikes will be lighter and more powerful than before; buyers will be more than happy to own these machines. 

Both of these models will get a new LCD instrument display screen.

The TFT display screen would have been even better, but the LCD is easy to read and offers enough info to the rider. So, No big deal.

The rider will now find an improved riding position since the footpegs are lowered and toward the rear.

Also, the handlebars are slightly pulled back for better hand position.

When it comes to the headlight, the CRF 300L gets the halogen headlamp, while the CRF 300 rally gets the LED setup.

Similarly, the CRF 300L gets the 7.8-liter fuel tank, while the Rally model has a bigger fuel tank capacity of 12.8 liters.

The rally model will also be getting additional features like engine calls and windscreen.

Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Specs
Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Specs

Both models have 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel wheels. Both of these models come with front 21-inch wheels and an 18-inch back wheel.

A new connecting rod and a new rear link are used for the new suspension.

The latest suspension for these motorcycles will be revised and enhanced.

The company claims that the tyres given in both bikes are suitable for off-road.

Both the motorcycles have double disc brakes and dual-channel ABS.

Furthermore, the standard CRF300L will be getting extended travel suspension of 10.2 inches of wheel travel front and back,ie, an increment of 0.4 inches and 0.6 inches than earlier.

On the other hand, Rally loses 0.8 inches of suspension travel in front while 0.1 in the rear.

Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Specs
Honda CRF 300L & 300L Rally Specs

Similarly, the CRF300L gets a new exterior with adapting indications from Honda’s CRF Performance line.

The seat height of the CRF Rally is the same as the previous model with 894 mm.

The seat now comes with a new rubber mounting cushion and is more widened than the standard model.

Although the front side of the seat remains narrow, to facilitate the rider’s feet, touching the ground when necessary.

Overall, Both CRF300L and CRF300L Rally kept their standard, all rounding performance with a dual-purpose motorcycle as per the original formula.

Along with their new, improved features, these bikes are now more adaptable than ever before.

2021 New Honda CRF300L & CRF300L Rally 2021 Nepal

In Nepal, Honda, officially distributor Syakar Trading has now formally removed the CRF 250L and CRF250L Rally from their website and stopped selling them in the market.

The company informed that CRF 250l is now upgraded in the international market, to bring these new models in the upcoming days.

The company has also reported, Honda Nepal has opened booking for both of these models. You can book these motorcycles from Honda’s Big Bike showroom in Teku.

So, What are the key Specifications of Honda CRF3000L?

  • Displacement: 286 cc
  • Emission Standard: BS6
  • Engine Type: Single-Cylinder,DOHC, 4-valve,PGM-FI, 4-stroke/ Liquid Cooled engine
  • Max Power: 27.32 PS at 8500rpm
  • Max Torque: 26.6 Nm at 6500rpm
  • Starting Mechanism: Self Starter Only
  • Number of Gears: Six speed manual transmission
  • Gearbox: 6-Speed
  • Top Speed: 130 Kmph
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8-liter (in Standard)/12.8-liter (in Rally)
  • Mileage: 30-35kmpl
  • Front Tyre: 80/100-21 – Disc = 256mm Disc (in Standard)= 296mm Disc (in Rally)
  • Rear Tyre: 120/80-18 – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres
  • Braking System: Dual-Channel ABS
  • Suspension Setup: USD Forks/Pro-Link Single Shock (10.2inch of travel)
  • Seat Height: 881 mm (in Standard)/895 mm (in Rally)
  • Ground Clearance: 285 mm (in Standard)/277 mm (in Rally)
  • Kerb Weight: 141 kg (in Standard)/153 kg (in Rally)
  • Colors: Red

Significant Highlights of the new 2021 Honda CRF 300L & CRF300L Rally

  • The latest extended stroke 286cc engine rises to power and torque through the rev range.
  • Improved air intake and exhaust systems.
  • Wet weight decreased by 13 lbs on the CRF 300L and 9 kg on the CRF 300L Rally.
  • Latest frame, upper ground clearance, revised steering mechanism and riding position progress all-terrain control and swiftness.
  • Latest LCD screen for both CRF models.
  • Additional fuel capacity for CRF300L Rally for enhanced long-haul ability.
  • Extended travel suspension for the CRF300L.
  • Latest rear-brake master cylinder.
  • A new assist/slipper clutch delivers enhanced performance throughout aggressive downshifting.

Honda CRF300L & CRF300L Rally Price In Nepal.

Honda CRF300L ModelsHonda CRF300L Price In Nepal
Honda CRF300LRs 17,50,000.
Honda CRF300L RallyRs 19,50,000.

What is Honda CRF 300L Price in Nepal?

The New Honda CRF300L price in Nepal is Rs.17,50,00 while the Honda CRF300L Rally price in Nepal is Rs. 19,50,000.

What is the top speed of Honda CRF300L?

The top speed of Honda CRF300L is 130 kmph.

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