Honda and Sony Announce Partnership to Launch New EV Brand.

Honda And Sony New EV – Overview

What happens when a car company like Honda joins up with a technology firm like Sony to launch a new electric vehicle line?

The world may soon find out, as the two-car giants announced today to collaborate to create and sell new electric automobiles.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Honda and Sony announced today that they are teaming up to create and market electric automobiles through a new firm.
  • This year, the two companies plan to form a new firm and launch the first electric vehicle by 2025.
  • Sony will contribute its tech skills, and Honda will provide manufacturing facilities.

While the specifics of such a partnership are still being ironed out, Honda and Sony indicated in a joint statement that the goal is to establish the new company within the year.

The ambitious goal is for the newly founded brand to sell its first electric vehicle (EV) by 2025, with plans to commercialize and supply mobility services following that.

The new company hasn’t been given a name yet–mashups like Sonda or Hony spring to mind–but it will be responsible for all areas of design, development, planning, and sales.

On the other hand, Honda will be in charge of manufacturing the vehicles at its facilities.

Honda and Sony new EV
Honda and Sony Announce Partnership to Launch New EV Brand. 2

Sony is said to be in the process of designing the platform for the mobility service.

Last year, Honda stated that it would only sell battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles by 2040. The gradual growth in those cars will correspond with diminishing output and, finally, the disappearance of the automaker’s internal-combustion goods during the next two decades.

The Honda Prologue and Acura’s premium lineup are the brand’s first two electric vehicles, created in conjunction with GM and not part of the Sony alliance. In 2024, they are expected to arrive on our shores.

Sony showed off its Vision-S 02 electric crossover prototype from the CES technology show at today’s presentation.

However, this and an earlier Vision-S 01 electric vehicle had already hinted at Sony’s intention to enter the EV sector somehow.

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