The Genesis X Concept Transforms Into the Elegant Speedium Coupe

Genesis X Concept – Overview

With its sporty proportions and flawless integration of the brand’s “two lines” design motif, last year’s stunning Genesis X coupe concept attracted our eye.

Here are the major highlights:

  • First, the Speedium Coupe is a revised version of the X concept by Genesis.
  • Among other alterations, it includes a new roofline and new lighting elements.
  • Although we don’t expect something like this to happen, design cues from this car will appear on future Genesis EVs.
Genesis X Concept
Genesis X Concept

However, a group of designers led by Luc Donckerwolke has updated the idea to make it more appealing to the eye.

As a result, the Speedium Coupe is a redesigned version of the Genesis X concept.

It has a reworked roofline, updated lighting elements, and a grille form that will purportedly add to Genesis’s upcoming EV lineup.

The name Speedium relates to a Korean racetrack, and while the firm still calls it a coupe, we think it looks more like a two-door hatchback or even a shooting brake from some angles.

The roofline tapers down gradually and finishes in a ducktail-style rear spoiler, which is further back than the initial prototype.

Genesis X Concept
Genesis X Concept

In addition, the mesh grille from the previous concept has been replaced with a body-color panel flanked by triangle light bars, and the lower front fascia now has more oversized mesh intakes.

While Genesis does not specify the Speedium Coupe’s powertrain, it is undoubtedly electric, though, being a concept study that isn’t intended to preview any straight production versions, it may or may not have an actual motor.

The Speedium Coupe, according to Donckerwolke, is a “look behind the curtain” type of creative study that the design studio would not typically exhibit to the public.

We’re interested to see what else is hidden behind that curtain if all of the Genesis designers’ freestyle exercises look this good.

While we are unlikely to see a car like this at a Genesis showroom anytime soon, we can only hope that its unique shape and proportions will eventually make its way into production Genesis automobiles.

Genesis X Concept
Genesis X Concept

The X Speedium, according to Genesis’ chief creative officer, Luc Donckerwolke, isn’t a standard show car but rather a statement of purpose for the company’s forthcoming EVs.

The brand plans to switch to all-electric vehicles by 2030, with a six-model portfolio in the US.

However, eight cars were previously teased, one of which appears to be a production version of the X. So, at the very least, let’s hope.

Genesis also revealed that the future Electrified GV70 will be produced in Montgomery, Alabama, beginning in December, in conjunction with the unveiling of the X Speedium concept.

In addition, customers in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York can now take advantage of a new Priority One program that streamlines the ordering and purchase procedure for the GV60 EV.

A concierge will match buyers with a Genesis store after entering their contact information and paying a $500 deposit.

What is Genesis X?

The Genesis X Concept might be described as the pinnacle of Genesis’ natural design language, Athletic Elegance. The signature Two Lines motif and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for Genesis’s futuristic designs and cutting-edge technologies in future models.

Is there a 2 door Genesis car?

Genesis hasn’t said whether the X would be produced, but the beautiful coupe isn’t out of possibility. We’re charmed with the new Genesis X concept car, a low-slung two-door coupe.

Is Genesis planning an electric car?

The carmaker has ambitious electrification plans that are just getting started, but by 2030, it hopes to have eight electric vehicles in its inventory. The GV60 is the company’s first dedicated EV, yet if a new Korean Car Blog rumor is correct, a larger, more opulent vehicle could sit well above it.

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Genesis X Concept
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