The Ferrari 296GTS is a hybrid V-6 droptop with 819 horsepower.

2023 Ferrari 296GTS – Overview

Last June, Ferrari unveiled the 819-hp 296GTB, which is powered by the first road-going Ferrari V-6 engine since the Dino of the late 1960s and early 1970s and features a hybrid system inspired by Formula.

Here are the major highlights:

  • The 296GTS is a convertible version of the 296GTB coupe, and it has the same 819-hp hybrid V-6 engine as the coupe.
  • At speeds of up to 28 mph, the car’s retractable hardtop may be deployed or retracted in 14 seconds.
  • The 296GTS is also available with the weight-saving Assetto Fiorano package, and it can rival the GTB in terms of acceleration and top speed.
Ferrari 296GTS

With summer approaching, Ferrari has revealed the 296GTS, a hardtop convertible that claims to deliver the same exhilarating performance as the GTB coupe.

The 296GTS’s powertrain is identical to that of its fixed-roof sibling. That means a 654-horsepower 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 with a 120-degree intake angle.

This engine is paired with an MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic) that adds 164 horsepower and is based on Ferrari’s significant Formula 1 experience.

Ferrari 296GTS

Despite the GTS weighing 154 pounds more than the GTB in its lightest configuration, Ferrari promises a 2.9-second sprint to 60 mph and a top speed of 205 mph.

The roof, of course, is the most significant difference. The 296 is now known as the GTS (Gran Turismo Spider), and it now has a retractable hardtop that can be raised or lowered in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to 28 mph.

The GTS is nearly indistinguishable from the 296GTB with the roof up.

The top folds in half and nestles in above the engine bay with the touch of a button, albeit a glass in the back provides a glance at the 120-degree V-6.

Ferrari rebuilt the chassis for the GTS, focusing on the A-pillar, B-pillar, and side sills to preserve torsional and bending rigidity.

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