Ferrari Unveils the Ferrari 296 GT3 Racer!

Ferrari 296 GT3 racer – Overview

The Ferrari 296 GT3 racer is the prancing-horse brand’s newest rival in GT racing.

In preparation for this weekend’s 24 hours of Spa, the sheet was raised early Friday morning in the Belgian paddock at Spa-Francorchamps.

The 296 appears to be a serious race car based on pictures.

Photos of the vehicle reveal parallels to the 296 GTB upon which it is based, although having a far more aggressive presence.

Here are the major highlights:

  • To comply with technical rules, Ferrari has unveiled its 296 GT3 racer, which has a 24-valve V-6 similar to the 296GTB’s on the road but without the auxiliary electric motor.
  • Ferrari claims that the 296 GT3 generates 20% more downforce than the 488 GT3.
  • The Daytona 24 Hours, which takes place in January 2023, will mark the 296 GT3’s racing debut.
Ferrari 296 GT3 racer
Ferrari 296 GT3 racer

Two layers of louvers are visible on the front of the car in photos, sitting on top of the front splitter, which is already somewhat abrasive.

This thing appears to be a fantastic aero machine from the front.

The figures appear to support Ferrari’s claim that the 296 GT3 generates 20% more downforce than the 488 GT3.

The 296 GT3 “lives in synergy with the air surrounding it, using it to maximize grip and handling, benefiting gentleman drivers and professionals alike,” according to Ferrari.

Due to the absence of the hybrid powertrain, power figures are lower than those of the roadgoing variant. Ferrari was forced to sacrifice the electric motor to comply with the GT championship’s technical requirements, which reduced output from a combined 819 horsepower to roughly 600.

Ferrari 296 GT3 racer
Ferrari 296 GT3 racer

Compared to the 488 GT3, the engine is positioned lower and farther forward, in a 120-degree layout with the turbos inside the V, to reduce the centre of gravity and increase torsional stiffness.

Ferrari‘s engineers created a distinct gearbox for the GT3 in a departure from the GTB, which has a lightning-fast eight-speed dual-clutch transmission—currently employing six sequential gears and a single disc clutch.

In addition, the 296’s clutch is operated via the steering wheel rather than a foot pedal like other vehicles in the GT competition.

Ferrari 296 GT3 racer
Ferrari 296 GT3 racer

The car features an entirely new aluminium frame, but the chassis is based on the road car.

To account for regulatory limitations, the car’s wheelbase is somewhat longer than the road car, going from 102.4 to 104.7 inches.

In addition, for the GT3, the front brake system has been increased to 400 mm.

Ferrari emphasizes the GT3’s simplicity of usage, saying, “Ferrari‘s engineers concentrated on speeding up track operations on the car during the race and pre-race… it is easier to adjust the 296 GT3’s configuration than the previous model thanks to more accessible mechanical and elastic components.”

Additionally, if you ever need to replace car parts, it will be more straightforward (and probably more expensive).

To cut down on time spent in the pit lane, the front and rear of the car are made to be replaced in a matter of seconds.

Ferrari created this vehicle with two primary objectives: first, for “intense use” typical of professional classes; second, for customers who are more concerned with enjoying their car.

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Ferrari 296 GT3 racer
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