[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review!

Latest update- Ducati Price in Nepal 2022

In Nepal, The TurboMotors Pvt. Ltd is an official dealer of https://www.ducati.com/ww/en/homeDucati motorcycles. In 2010, TurboMotors Pvt. Ltd. announced the introduction of the Ducati, an Italian high-performance bike.

The cost of Ducati motorcycles in Nepal may vary from one showroom to the next. However, the market pricing is nearly identical.

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Here is the latest Ducati price in Nepal in 2022.

Ducati Bike ModelsDucati Price In Nepal
Ducati MonsterRs 48.6 lakhs
Ducati Scrambler Rs 45.1 lakhs
Ducati MultistradaRs 57.1 lakhs
Ducati DiavelRs 76.09 lakhs
Ducati PanigaleRs 85.28 lakhs
Ducati HypermotardRs 52.54 lakhs
Ducati Street FighterRs 74.34 lakhs

Ducati Monster

Ducati Price In Nepal
[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review! 8

Monsters were designed to exemplify simplicity and minimalism, with only the essentials required for a motorcycle to function.

Miguel Galluzzi, a designer who worked at Honda and designed fully-faired C.B.R.s at the time, sketched out the original Monster (another motorcycle worth loving).

The company put the Monster 1200 S into a paint booth for the 2020 model year and applied a new black-on-black colour scheme, a dramatic blend of gloss and matte, giving the Testastretta 11 V-twin an even more aggressive appearance.

This litre-plus Streetfighter, on the other hand, is mechanically unaltered from the previous model year.

The company’s most popular models are the 803, 821, and 1,198cc Monsters, and the 1200 S is the father of the family, an actual naked-bike steamroller at home on the boulevard or back road.

Ducati Monster ModelsMonster Price In Nepal
Monster 696Rs 4,861,049
Monster PlusRs 4,970,450 (Ducati Red)/ 5,014,211 (Dark stealth & Aviator grey)
Monster 821Rs 4,862,362
Monster StealthRs 5,081,025
Monster 1200Rs 5,674,994
Monster 1200 S      Rs 65,85,211 (Red)/ 6,633,348 (Black)
Supersport 950Rs 5,657,490
Supersport 950 SRs 6,169,487 (Red)/ Rs 6,217,623 (White)

Ducati Scrambler 

Ducati Price In Nepal
[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review! 9

The arrival of the new models in dealerships comes close to a successful year for the Scrambler, the most popular family of motorcycles from the Borgo Panigale brand in 2020, with 9,265 units supplied globally.

As a result of this achievement, the brand, which has made sense of freedom, joy, and self-expression as its fundamental values, has sold 80,000 motorcycles worldwide just six years after its inception.

Ducati Scrambler ModelsScrambler Price In Nepal
Scrambler Nightshift          4,510,965
Scrambler Icon 4,274,659
Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO               5,836,907
Scrambler Desert Sled4,926,690
Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse   5,014,211
Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO5,246,141
Scrambler 1100 PRO          5,438,687
Scrambler Icon Dark           4,090,865

Ducati Multistrada

Ducati Price In Nepal
[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review! 10

The original Multistrada 1000DS had the appearance of a large, practical supermoto, yet it was purely a road-focused machine.

Ducati is best known for creating spine-tingling pieces of automotive exotica, bikes that can sit beside Lamborghinis and Ferraris on bedroom wall posters.

Unfortunately, Ducatis, like their four-wheeled contemporaries, had a reputation for being pricey, temperamental, and entirely unsuitable for real-world use.

The Multistrada (Italian for “many roads”) was Ducati’s first foray into a new market.

It would grow into a capable adventure motorbike with the most advanced suspension and traction control technology.

Ducati Multistrada ModelsMultistrada Price In Nepal
Multistrada 950  Rs 5,718,754
Multistrada 950 S               Rs 6,379,537 (Ducati Red) Rs 6,467,058 (GP White)
Rs 6,563,331 (Spoked wheels) Red Rs 6,650,852 (Spoked wheels) GP White
Multistrada V4    Rs 7,171,602 (Red)
Multistrada V4 S -Rs 7,933,034 (Red) -Rs 7,981,170 (Grey)
-Rs 8,116,828 (Spooked wheels) Grey
-Rs 8,248,109 (Touring Ducati red)
-Rs 8,296,245 (Touring Aviator grey)
-Rs 8,431,903 (Touring Ducati red, spoked wheels)
-Rs 8,480,039 (Touring Aviator grey, spoked wheels)
-Rs 8,466,911 (Technology + Touring Red)    
-Rs 8,515,048 (Technology + Touring Aviator Grey)    
-Rs 8,650,705 (Technology + Touring red, spoked wheels)
-Rs 8,698,842 (Technology + Touring Aviator grey, spoked wheels)
-Rs 8,226,229 (Performance red)
-Rs 8,274,365 (Performance Aviator Grey)
-Rs 8,410,023 (Performance red, spoked wheels)
-Rs 8,458,159 (Performance Aviator grey, spoked wheels)
-Rs 8,760,106 (Technology + Touring + Performance red)           
-Rs 8,808,243 (Technology + Touring + Performance Aviator grey)       
-Rs 8,943,900 (Technology + Touring + Performance red, spoked wheels)
-Rs 8,992,037 (Technology + Touring + Performance Aviator grey, spoked wheels)    
Multistrada V4 S Sport      Rs 8,353,134 (Performance Livery)
Rs 8,536,928 (Performance Livery, spoked wheels)   
Rs 8,887,012 (Technology + Touring + Performance Livery)   
Rs 9,070,806 Technology + Touring + Performance Livery, spoked wheels)      
Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak (MY22)  Rs 9,342,121 (Livery)
 Rs 9,560,923 (Livery) Technology         
Multistrada 1260 Enduro  Rs 7,940,353 (red)      
 Rs 8,322,580 (red, Touring pack)
 Rs 8,368,653 (Sand, Touring pack)        

Ducati Diavel

Ducati Price In Nepal
[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review! 11

The Diavel is a fierce and moody street cruiser that even hardened sports bike lovers can’t ignore; available in stock or higher-spec Carbon, which adds lightweight Marchesini wheels and a bit of carbon fibre here and there.

A second version was introduced in 2015, featuring a slightly modified twin-spark Testastretta engine and a few unique edition models, including the A.M.G. Edition, Chromo, Titanium, and Diesel, which are essentially flash paint jobs or bolt-on additions.

Finally, the XDiavel, which debuted in 2015 in stock and S versions, took things a step further with a larger 1260 DVT motor before the normal Diavel received the DVT motor in 2020, transforming into the Ducati Diavel 1260.

Ducati Diavel ModelsDiavel Price In Nepal
Diavel 1260          Rs 7,609,206
Diavel 1260 S       Rs 8,515,048
Diavel 1260 Lamborghini  Rs 11,162,556
XDiavel Dark        Rs 7,508,557
XDiavel S               Rs 8,698,842
XDiavel Black StarRs 8,913,268


Ducati Price In Nepal
[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review! 12

The Panigale V4 and V4 S versions are now Euro 5 compliant, with maximum power and torque numbers remaining unaltered.

In addition, various refinements to the Desmosedici Stradale exhaust line and engine calibration have been made to match the European standard on polluting emissions.

The Panigale V4’s electrical package advances and now includes the latest generation of Ducati Traction Control, which is even more predictive: the DTC EVO 3 with a Corse-derived strategy.

The Race Riding Mode has been separated into two mappings that can now be freely compared in individual parameters, allowing the rider to compare two distinct configurations to determine the optimal quickly.

In addition, the latest self-bleeding brake/clutch pumps, derived from Superleggera V4, are also fitted on the Panigale V4 and Panigale V4 S models.

Panigale ModelsPanigale Price In Nepal
Panigale V4          Rs 8,528,176
Panigale V4 S       Rs 10,151,689
Panigale V4 SP     Rs 11,871,475
Panigale V4 R       Rs 12,965,487
Superleggera V4 Rs 33,121,556
Panigale V2          Rs 6,782,133 (red)  Rs 7,000,936 (Star white silk)          


Ducati Price In Nepal
[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review! 13

Hypermotard 950 is updated to Euro 5 regulations and unveiled a new livery for the S.P. model.

However, the update ensures that the torque and output values remain the same.

A new colour scheme that draws inspiration from racing with its colours and freestyle sports with its graphics, emphasizing the bike’s youthful attitude.

Hypermotard ModelsHypermotard Price In Nepal
Hypermotard 950              Rs 5,254,893
Hypermotard 950 RVE      Rs 5,486,824
Hypermotard 950 SP         Rs 6,506,443

Street Fighter

Ducati Price In Nepal
[December] 2022 Ducati Price In Nepal | Full Review! 14

The Streetfighter is the outcome of the “Fight Formula.” A Panigale V4 stripped of its fairings, upright wide handlebar, weighing 178 kg, and powered by an 1100 cc Desmosedici Stradale providing 208 horsepower while being held in check biplane wings and a comprehensive electronic suite.

The sleek and technical naked bike was an instant hit with bikers worldwide, as evidenced by positive press coverage in international publications.

Streetfighter Models            Streetfighter Price In Nepal
Streetfighter V4 Rs 7,434,164
Streetfighter V4 S              Rs 8,348,758
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