Cleveland Cycleworks Falcon- A.K.A Land District, Coming Soon In Nepal.

Land District EV Bike.


EV is the way of the future, as has been demonstrated over the last decade.

The internal combustion engine will almost certainly continue to play a role, but the days of burning hydrocarbons to get around are numbered.

That is especially true in automobiles, but as Zero Bikes and Harley-Davidson have demonstrated, electricity is also the fuel of the future for motorcycles.

Electric two-wheelers, like gas-powered bikes, are free to experiment with wacky designs in ways that street-legal automobiles and trucks can’t, thanks to disturbing things like “crash tests.”

However, according to a statement issued by a small, devoted staff based in Cleveland, Ohio, the District EV bike is created in the United States.

Cleveland Cyclewerks, the official distributor of Cleveland motorcycles in Nepal, has recently posted an image of their upcoming new electric bike on their official Instagram page.

Although the company has not disclosed any more details regarding the price and official launch date of this EV bike, they did announce that this familiar-looking Ev motorcycle will soon be coming to the Nepali market.

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For now, let’s have a quick look at what District Ev bike has to offer:

Looks & Design

District EV Bike
District EV Bike

Even yet, the Cleveland Cyclewerks Falcon’s stripped-down, future-cool daring is difficult not to be taken aback by. With its all-metal finish and straight lines, this motorcycle appears to be about as plain and clean as a bike can be (with the exception of the two solid-disc wheels)

Battery Performance & Range

The bike’s heat is supplied by a nearby electric engine, which generates 17.5 horsepower and 29 pound-feet of torque before rolling via gears and a chain drive to the back tire.

The (District Bike) Falcon’s lightweight of 79.3 kgs allows it to maintain highway cruising speeds too.

New Atlas claims a maximum range of 290 kilometers on a single charge, and given the battery’s small size while the fact that a rider will increase the overall weight, this is improbable.


In the International market, the District Ev bike is available in two variants:

1. First Edition

District EV Bike
District EV Bike

First Edition (District Ev Bike) Key Specifications:

  • Ranger (Mileage): (Eco Mode- 128.7 km/r) (Power Mode: 80.4 km/r)
  • The max speed is 112.6 kmph
  • Styling bundle for production.
  • Standard household outlets are compatible with this charging method.
  • Type: IPM sine-cosine / IP65 Sealed
  • Controller: 300 Amp, 3-phase AC controller w/ regen.    
  • Power Pack: LAND Power X1.
  • Capacity: 1.8 kWh
  • Charging Type: Integrated, IP65, 110/240.
  • Charger Output: 7 A Standard / 12 an Optional.
  • Charge time to 80% (110/220V): 45 mins.
  • Charge time to 100% (110/220V): 90 mins.
  • Transmission: Clutchless direct drive.
  • Final Drive: 5.3 to 01.
  • Front Suspension: Inverted, non-adjustable.
  • Rear Suspension: Piggyback / Air Bladder.
  • Front Suspension Travel: 120 mm / 4.7 in.            
  • Rear Suspension Travel: 100 mm / 4.0 in.              
  • Brakes (Front/Rear): MAGURA dual-piston (10 mm master)/Composite brake lines (200 mm rotor).
  • Front Tire: Michelin Pilot Street 80/90-17.
  • Rear Tire: Michelin Pilot Street 100/80-17.
  • Front wheel: 1.85 x 17.
  • Rear tire: 2.15 x 17.
  • Wheelbase: 1223 mm / 48 in.
  • Seat Height: 762 mm / 30 in.       
  • Rake: 25 degrees.
  • Trail: 109 mm / 4.3 in.    
  • Kerb Weight: 68 kg / 150 lb.
  • Carrying Capacity: 170 kg / 375 lb.

2. Founder Edition.

District EV Bike
District EV Bike

Founder Edition (District EV Bike) Key specifications:

  • Mileage: 257.4 (Eco Mode)/ 160.9 (Power mode).
  • Max Power: 13 kW / 17.5 HP (limited).
  • Max Torque: 39 Nm / 29 ft-lb @ shaft.
  • The max speed is 65 miles per hour.
  • It’s has a charging method that works with regular household outlets.
  • Type: IPM sine-cosine / IP65 Sealed.
  • Controller: 300 Amp, 3-phase AC controller w/ regen.
  • Power pack: LAND Power X2.
  • Capacity: 4.5 kWh.
  • Charger type: Integrated, IP65, 110/240.
  • Charger output: 7 A Standard / 12 An Optional.
  • Charger time to 80% (110/220V): 45 mins.            
  • Charge time to 100% (110/220V): 90 mins.
  • Transmission: Clutchless direct drive.
  • Final Drive: 5.3 to 01.
  • Front suspension: Inverted, non-adjustable.
  • Rear suspension: Piggyback / Air Bladder.
  • Front suspension travel: 120 mm / 4.7 in.             
  • Rear suspension travel: 100 mm / 4.0 in.
  • Brake (Front/Rear): MAGURA single-piston (10 mm master)/ Composite brake lines (200 mm rotor).
  • Brake option: Hemispherical system with quick-swap pads.
  • Front tire: Michelin Pilot Street 80/90-17.
  • Rear tire: Michelin Pilot Street 100/80-17.
  • Front-wheel: 1.85 x 17.
  • Rear-wheel: 2.15 x 17.
  • Wheelbase: 1223 mm / 48 in.
  • Seat Height: 762 mm / 30 in.
  • Rake: 25 degrees.
  • Trail: 109 mm / 4.3 in.
  • Kerb weight: 79 kg / 175 lb.
  • Carrying capacity: 170 kg / 375 lb.

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