[NOVEMBER] Derry Electric Cars In Nepal- Price & Specs.

Derry EV Cars Overview

Henan Derry New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is a well-known Chinese electric car manufacturer.

The company’s electric and solar vehicles have been used in various countries.

In Nepal, The company has publicly announced the price of their vehicles in the Nepali market.

However, the government slashed taxes and excise duties on electric cars after the recent budget.

The authorized dealer for Derry Electric Cars in Kathmandu, Nepal, is Eco Auto Trading Pvt. Ltd., a business registered in Nepal.

To assist Nepal in reducing pollution, achieving energy independence, and reducing its reliance on other nations.

The EV7 is purely electric, whereas the EM7 is a hybrid vehicle that uses both the sun and electricity.

The car has five people seating capacity.

EV7Rs 19.50 lakh
EM7Rs 25.99 lakhs

Battery Range & Performance

Both the vehicles sold by the company have bigger batteries than before.

Earlier, there was a 15 kWh battery, but now it is 17 kWh.

Both the models have the same 15 kW electric motor.

Solar has been provided on the roof of the EM7 model sold by the company.

[NOVEMBER] Derry Electric Cars In Nepal- Price & Specs. 3

The company reported that the EV7 could travel up to 230 kilometers on a single charge.

EM7, on the other hand, has a range of 260 kilometers.

The EM7 should deliver excellent mileage because it can be charged even with sunshine.

Both of the vehicles are considered entry-level.

The solar roof on the EM7 appears to provide some extra range.

However, their estimations fall short when put to the test on the Nepalese roadway.

These electric cars seem to have a range of 210 kilometers on a single charge if driven responsibly.

Additional Features

The cars have Hill Assist, Power Window, AC, Heater, Touchscreen, Rear View Camera, Central Lock, Remote Key, and Alloy Wheels.

[NOVEMBER] Derry Electric Cars In Nepal- Price & Specs. 4

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“The range of both od these vehicles we bring has increased. This will greatly benefit the customers in urban areas. We expect to see a resurgence in sales of electric vehicles,” said Nawaraj Poudel, managing director of Autohost.

The key specifications:

  • 150 AMP 72V battery.
  • 15 kilowatt electric motor.
  • There are five seats available.
  • 170mm of ground clearance.
  • 175 plus range.
  • Sunroof powered by the sun.
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