2024 Chevy Silverado EV testing is displayed.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV – Overview

We’re now getting a more gritty look at the impending electric pickup, whereas Chevy‘s earlier photographs of the 2024 Silverado EV showed the truck in its top-trim form in an eye-catching, bright shade of blue.

Here are the major highlights:

  • A technical prototype for the future Silverado EV from Chevy has been displayed.
  • The new EV truck is seen undergoing testing at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds in Michigan.
  • The new vehicle will start to be delivered in the fall of 2023.

Body & Aesthetic

Chevy Silverado EV
Chevy Silverado EV

The firm posted pictures of a new EV engineering prototype tested at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds.

Within the next month, prototypes will start testing on public roads in Michigan, according to CEO Mary Barra.

The Silverado EV pictured here is a test mule because of its unpainted black body, smaller wheels and tires, and several unfinished details like the headlight, taillight, and fender surrounds.

Despite having a well-known moniker, the electric pickup offers a distinctive appearance to differentiate it from the present gas-powered truck.

A new front grille and slimmer headlights are present on the front end.

Battery Power & Range

Chevy Silverado EV
Chevy Silverado EV

The new truck is anticipated to debut for the 2024 model year, with initial deliveries expected to start in the fall of 2023.

The Silverado EV claims to have a range of up to 400 miles and utilizes GM’s Ultium battery technology. A standard feature will be DC fast-charging.

The Ford F-150 Lightning, the Silverado’s main rival, now has a maximum EPA-rated range of 320 miles.

Additionally, Chevy stated that the full-size pickup would have a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds.


The base WT trim of the electric Silverado is anticipated to cost around $42,000, while the top-of-the-line RST trim is expected to cost about $107,000.

In contrast, Lightning has a base price of $41,769 and a top trim price of $92,669.

The 2024 Silverado EV will receive more information as Chevrolet prepares it for production and delivers it to the first customers.

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Chevy Silverado EV
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