The Buick Electra-X Concept Teases a Future Electric Sub-Brand

Buick Electra X Concept – Overview

Buick has faded into obscurity in the United States, with sales declining since the late 1990s. Meanwhile, the premium American brand has gained popularity in China.

Here are the major highlights:

  • The Buick Electra-X, designed in China by General Motors’ Shanghai studio, foreshadows the brand’s future in the lucrative Chinese market.
  • Buick recently revealed that it’s upcoming EVs will be known as the Electra, so this concept could also hint at the design direction for the SUVs bound for the United States.
  • The concept is built on the Ultium platform; as will the production EV will arrive in the United States in 2025 and share components with the Cadillac Lyriq.
Buick Electra X Concept
Buick Electra X Concept

Over a million Buicks were sold in China as recently as 2018 (just over 200,000 Buicks were sold in the United States that year), and Buick has sold over 10 million vehicles in China since its introduction in 1998.

Given Buick’s importance in that market, the company has now previewed its electric future for China with the Electra-X concept, which could also foreshadow what’s to come for the recently announced Electra sub-brand in the United States.

The Electra-X is a stylish SUV with a sloping roofline.

The crossover was designed by General Motors’ Shanghai team and is based on the Ultium platform, which also underpins GM’s Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EVs.

The slim headlights are placed above a wide-mouth grille with intricate triangular elements, and the rear has a trendy full-width light bar.

The nose is adorned with Buick’s new logo, which replaces the circle surrounding the tri-shield design, and the concept rides on 21-inch wheels.

Buick Electra X Concept
Buick Electra X Concept

The inside of the cabin is light and airy due to the glass roof and thin pillars, and the dashboard includes hidden air vents and a 30-inch screen with up to 6K resolution.

The four seats in the Electra-X are covered in a knit fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, and the voice control system can control nearly 50 different functions.

The concept also includes GM’s Super Cruise driver-assistance technology, already available on EVs such as the Hummer, and gas-powered vehicles such as the Escalade.

Buick Electra X Concept
Buick Electra X Concept

There’s no word on how many Electra-design Xs will be used in the first Electra SUV for the US market.

That vehicle will be unveiled in the United States in 2024 and will share a platform with the Lyriq, but we’re getting a pretty good idea of Buick’s future between the Electra-X and the Wildcat concept.

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Buick Electra X Concept
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