New 12-cylinderBentley Two Tone Mansory!

Bentley Two Tone Mansory – Overview

The Vitesse, a one-of-a-kind creation by German tuner Mansory, should be the official vehicle of Pittsburgh’s professional sports teams thanks to its bold two-tone paint job.

The distinctive design is a first for Mansory and almost splits the Bentley Continental GTC donor car in two, with the yellow paint taking up more space.

The unique Bentley colour palette makes it appear to be a moving representation of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates, or Steelers.

Before we dive in, here are the major highlights:

  • The engine has been adjusted to produce 752 pound-feet of torque and 740 horsepower.
  • The black-and-yellow paint is not evenly distributed; the yellow covers more external bodywork than the quilted leather inside.
  • Another unusual vehicle has been created by German tuner Mansory, who, this time, gave a Bentley Continental GTC an outrageous two-tone paint job.

Body & Aesthetics

Bentley Two Tone Mansory
Bentley Two Tone Mansory

Despite lacking additional details, the Vitesse’s colourful colour combination is its key selling point.

The inside has been given the same polarizing asymmetrical treatment as the outside bodywork, with the left-side seats covered in yellow leather and the right covered in black.

Nearly every interior surface, including the dashboard, the floor mats, and the transmission tunnel, is covered in quilted leather.

The centre console’s plaque indicates the Vitesse’s distinctiveness.

Bentley Two Tone Mansory
Bentley Two Tone Mansory

Engine Power

Although the Wiz Khalifa song “Black and Yellow” from 2010 is a timeless classic, we’re not convinced that Vitesse’s colour scheme does the song justice.

Nevertheless, the Continental GT convertible’s engine should still sound thunderous.

Whether it employs the twin-turbo W-12 or the twin-turbo V-8 is not specified by Mansory.

Still, the hexagonal exhaust tips are consistent with the design of the company’s past 12-cylinder Continental monstrosities.

In any case, Mansory has altered the engine, which now generates an astounding 740 horsepower and 752 pound-feet of torque.

This is a significant improvement above any stock Continental, even outperforming the 650-hp Speed variant.

Bentley claims that the GTC Speed can accelerate from 60 mph to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds, but the Vitesse claims to do it in just 3.3 seconds.

Mansory’s claimed top speed of 206 mph is two mph slower than what Bentley predicts for the regular car.

Bentley Two Tone Mansory
Bentley Two Tone Mansory


Although the price has yet to be disclosed, we are confident that Mansory will be able to find a buyer who has more money than taste and will want to add the Vitesse to their collection.

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Bentley Two Tone Mansory
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