Bentley has committed to producing five new electric vehicles by 2030, including a new model in 2025.

Bentley 5 New EVs- Headlines

Bentley is planning the biggest product assault in its 100-year history as it transitions to become an electric-only car brand in 2030.

Five electric models are expected to debut in five years, starting in 2025.

Here are the major highlights:

  • Bentley has revealed that it will introduce its first all-electric model in 2025, following up on previously announced plans to become electric.
  • Today, the announcement follows a pledge made in 2019 to develop Bentley’s final internal-combustion engine by 2030.
  • We expect four new models to replace the present Bentayga, Flying Spur, and Continental GT coupe and convertible, while the fifth will be an all-new vehicle, with one per year until 2030.


Bentley 5 New EVs
Bentley 5 New EVs

The Company reaffirmed its intention to go electric in a press conference today, although the path to EVs is not new.

The British luxury brand outlined its electrification goal in 2019, predicting that its final combustion engine would be ready by 2030.

The company has stated that it will introduce a 100 percent electric vehicle in 2025, followed by another electric car in the following four years.

Bentley 5 New EVs
Bentley has committed to producing five new electric vehicles by 2030, including a new model in 2025. 3

Bentley’s technology leader, Matthias Rabe, described it as “the biggest product offensive Bentley has ever had.”

“It’s an unparalleled vehicle launch strategy,” he said, adding that “all automobiles will be entirely designed and built-in Crewe, and will contain the most contemporary Volkswagen Group technology.”

We will have a whole new car or model, representing a complete transformation for that brand.

That means we’ll be setting the standard for electric automobiles in the luxury market, and each car will be a game-changer.

“Every car will bring the concept of ‘Bentleyness’ to electrification, with exceptional power and new user interface concepts that will appeal to both existing and new customers.”

The Bentley design language will be truly expressive: they will be enjoyable to drive, with effortless luxury, superb craftsmanship and refinement, as well as power and performance.”

Bentley has yet to announce the details of the five electric vehicles it is developing.

The first vehicle, anticipated in 2025, will be a large saloon based on an upcoming machine from sibling company Audi that will employ an innovative new electric architecture.

Bentley currently has four series production model lines: the Continental GT grand tourer and convertible, the Flying Spur luxury sedan, and the Bentayga SUV, as well as a variety of limited-run Mulliner bespoke cars.

Existing model lines will be replaced by electric equivalents “when their life cycles” run out, according to company CEO Adrian Hallmark.

According to Rabe, future models will not be smaller than current ones, and there will be performance-themed versions in the lineup.

Bentley has also emphasized the importance of sustainability.

It has already made its Crewe manufacturing carbon-neutral, and by 2025, it plans to have a carbon-neutral dealer network.

Due to rising demand from premium clients, it also plans to boost the usage of sustainable components in its vehicles.

Rolls-Royce has already revealed elements of its first EV, the Spectre, which appears around 2025. However, However, Bentley isn’t the only premium British manufacturer venturing into EVs.

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