Sany Heavy Truck and partner to create an autonomous truck.

Autonomous vehicle company – Overview, a producer of autonomous vehicles, and Sany Heavy Truck, a division of the Chinese corporation Sany Heavy Industry, are joining up to launch a brand of autonomous trucks.

The goal is to build automotive-grade self-driving trucks with Level 4 autonomy, which means the vehicles can drive themselves in specific circumstances without requiring human intervention.

This will be accomplished by combining’s “virtual driver” with Sany’s technical expertise in building heavy-duty trucks.

In addition, according to the corporation, the JV’s autonomous truck product line will also combine “new energy vehicles” such as electric and diesel-powered vehicles.

According to Liang Linhe, chairman of Sany Heavy Truck, “This relationship between SANY and is the ultimate collaboration between truck ‘body’ and truck ‘brain,’ making it possible to mass produce high-level autonomous vehicles.”

Autonomous vehicle company
Autonomous vehicle company

According to Pony, the JV will start making small-scale deliveries of the robot trucks this year and the following year, with mass manufacturing beginning in 2024.

The company hopes to produce roughly 10,000 trucks within a few years.

According to Pony, Sany and Pony have already started road testing the JV’s prototype, which was created using Sany’s innovative EV truck platform.

The prototype was powered by Pony’s Autonomous Driving Controller, based on Nvidia’s Drive Orin self-driving toolkit, just like all of the JV’s future autonomous trucks.

Autonomous vehicle company
Autonomous vehicle company, which officially has its headquarters in San Francisco, is putting more time and money into its operations in China, as indicated by the relocation.

The startup, which also manufactures and operates robotaxis, recently lost its authorization to use driverless vehicles in California.

Pony also had its approval to test its driverless cars in California cancelled in December 2021.

Pony, meanwhile, just obtained a taxi license in China to run a for-profit robotaxi service in Guangzhou and a permit to offer autonomous public ride-hailing in Beijing.

At least two critical executives from’s trucking team stormed out in a rage after the company united its self-driving truck and passenger car research and development teams in November of last year.

As a result, the startup’s transportation operations in the United States had been terminated at the time on the condition of anonymity, although tests had continued in China.

Autonomous vehicle company
Autonomous vehicle company

Pony also said earlier this year that it had established a new joint venture (JV) with Sinotrans, one of China’s top logistics and freight forwarding firms, to create an intelligent logistics network that utilises trucking technologies with autonomous driving.

The JV, dubbed Cyantron, started operating in April.

We might anticipate similar joint ventures in the future as Pony stated on Thursday that its plan to enable robotrucking is to form alliances with leading trucking and logistics firms to lay the groundwork for future development.

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Autonomous vehicle company
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