The Audi C-V2X is a life-saving project!

Audi’s C-V2X Project – Overview

Audi isn’t a brand that comes to mind when you think of school buses, but the company is collaborating with Navistar on a new project that aims to make sharing the road with cars and school buses safer.

Here are the major highlights:

  • If Audi has its way, future linked cars will include comfort technology and enhanced safety connections with school buses and emergency vehicles.
  • The company is putting new cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology to the test, informing drivers if a school bus or ambulance is stopped ahead on the road.
  • Audi has been testing its C-V2X technology in school zones, with bicycles, and other areas over the past three years.
Audi's C-V2X Project 
Audi’s C-V2X Project 

The collaboration intends to deploy cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology to establish a communication link between the German brand’s cars and school bus drivers, and other vehicles like ambulances.

Audi’s work with C-V2X technology has included the development of tools that alert drivers to impending traffic jams or roadwork.

Audi now wants to see a future in which drivers are notified when school buses or emergency vehicles come to a halt suddenly to pick up or drop off passengers.

This new deployment uses bi-directional communication, alerting vehicles of a stopped vehicle around the bend while also alerting school bus drivers to a motorist speeding towards their location (thus giving these drivers the option to keep the door shut until the offending vehicle passes by or comes to a stop).

Audi’s C-V2X Project 

Simultaneously, the school bus or emergency vehicle will relay information to a nearby car, which will issue visual and auditory alerts to the driver.

This summer, Audi and Navistar aim to test vehicles equipped with the C-V2X function on real roads.

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) has been working on improving school bus safety for decades, having published a paper on how to bring kids to school safely in 1989.

In August 2020, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) released data showing that school buses are reasonably safe compared to other forms of transportation, accounting for a quarter of all miles traveled by children in the United States but fewer than 4% of injuries 2% of fatalities.

Audi's C-V2X Project 
Audi’s C-V2X Project 

Meanwhile, according to Audi, approximately 25,000 school zone injuries and 100 fatalities are reported each year.

In addition, the company stated that there were an anticipated 17 million stop-arm violations in the United States in 2019, which occurs when a car fails to stop despite the school bus’s stop sign being extended.

Audi isn’t the first company to try to put C-V2X technologies to the test in this way.

Audi's C-V2X Project 
Audi’s C-V2X Project 

In October 2020, the brand announced a collaboration with Applied Information to alert drivers when they approach a stopped school bus or enter a school zone.

Audi also launched a partnership with Commsignia, Qualcomm, and Spoke, a mobility platform that aims to make riding safer and more connected, in March to increase rider safety.

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Audi’s C-V2X Project
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