For China’s megacities, Audi developed a private cocoon concept automobile.

Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car – Overview

Recently, Audi introduced a concept car built for customers in China’s megacities.

This vehicle promises to demonstrate how future passengers might escape the city’s stressors by retreating into their private cocoon.

The Audi urban sphere Concept is still a long way from becoming a reality. But on the other hand, the six-passenger automobile gives city dwellers a peek at the future Audi envisions.

Although traffic may worsen in the future, the in-vehicle experience will be tailored to provide a variety of escapes from city life.

According to the automaker, the future car will have several functions, allowing drivers to work, relax, or socialize.

Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car
Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car

Audi requested designers to create a flexible environment that can switch from an office to a theatre to a lounge at the touch of a button.

“It’s not only about getting from point A to point B; it’s also about how you spend your time while traveling.”

Of course, there are various options,” Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board Management at AUDI AG and head of the Chinese market, stated in a press conference. “An entirely new strategy created from the inside-out,” he said of the urban sphere.

According to Audi, the fully autonomous battery-electric pod concept was created primarily for Asia’s megacities but could be extended to other megacities worldwide.

However, for most automakers, China is a crucial market.

“We have completely new experience cases thanks to automated driving and digitalization that we can’t even fully imagine today,” Duesmann added.

According to the business, even in busy areas, Urbansphere prioritizes passenger comfort.

As a result, Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system and adjustable air suspension are included in the 295-kilowatt dual-motor combination.

Design & Aesthetic

Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car
Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car

The design has a streamlined silhouette with a long wheelbase, two-tone exterior paint, aluminum cladding, and 24-inch wheels.

Its interior, which is the largest Audi has ever produced, can be customized in various ways, including ambient lighting, digital screens, and a four-plus-two seating layout.

The pod can be used as a theater, an office with individual screens, or a bedroom with reclining seats that convert to beds.

According to Christian Becker, Audi’s interior design manager, the cabin was designed to appeal to “all the senses first; not just the aesthetics, but also the touch and feel of the materials.”

Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car
Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car

Baker pointed to the minibar and water dispenser in the middle console, saying, “It shouldn’t be overcrowded or congested, but it also shouldn’t seem empty.” “These are all very emotive aspects that might elicit strong feelings.”

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Audi Private Cocoon Concept Car
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